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  1. Abominable is the gnarly shit im going to take after eating one of these..ahem...abominations
  2. Tricolor


    Well, that helped with the ole erectile dysfunction
  3. Tricolor

    Command M

    This is good advice. Two pants in the bush are worth clams in your pocket.
  4. I thought you were going back to your boulder?!?!
  5. Sounds like she had some stiff competition....that made no sense
  6. Time to invest in a remington
  7. My cat just shreds holes into my couches
  8. Just watch out for crazy old Spaniards,mang!
  9. If i DONT see some crazy shit in the subway, then i start to worry.
  10. Tricolor

    Command M

    I swear i dont know what the fuck kids are saying these days....i clap for the shoe hands? Riiiiiight...
  11. Happy belated and all that bullshit!🎉
  12. Is this an Amber Heard thread?
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