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Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba: Episode 16 Discussion

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Episode 16:

"Letting Someone Else Go First"
( Kanji:自分ではない誰かを前へ, Romaji: Jibun de wa Nai Dareka o Mae e)

Air date:
February 16th,
2020 at

LiSA - "Gurenge"

FictionJunction feat. LiSA - "from the edge"

Previously Tanjiro and Inosuke found themselves in quite the sticky situation. Suddenly every demon slayer they encountered started attacking and things didn't make sense, until a very common thread appeared. This thread was a web from demonic spiders, connected to everyone like the strings of puppet.
 Tanjiro and Inosuke now attempt to face the mother of the demonic spiders along with their fellow demon slayers, that Tanjiro is still attempting to save. It's not going to be easy to safely take down fellow slayers without shedding too much blood...


Did anyone watch the Oscar's last sunday?


Only on Toonami 

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Just now, HardcoreHunter said:

Odd considering female spiders are supposed to be the more scary ones. Also interesting in that demons can reproduce, meaning that they aren't only people turned into demons. 

apparetly manga authors just don't understand that LADY bugs kill the males after sex


first SAO and now this

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