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  1. Since this is the episode going on right now, I figure to give a comment regarding the hiatus of Jojo. As you know, it was the only show I was making comments on. As such, because of this, I will be on hiatus until the Great Panic Attack of 2020 ends or until Toonami provides an already dubbed show they hadn't already aired that I want to watch. Hope to see you all again soon.
  2. "How could you let him get close to you like this?" Kids. Am I right?
  3. All the wise conversations that can be had under a table.
  4. "If I collect all the bottle parts, I can level up."
  5. Some could be crawling, but I'm sure most are standing. No, that was not a pun.
  6. Frogs and cigarettes. We really are having a theme tonight.
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