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Found 32 results

  1. It wouldn't be a dub premiere if it did, but that's fine. Still, which time slot would it occupy? 12:30 is taken over by Shenmue starting February 5th so if it did show up there, it wouldn't be for long. But at least it didn't end up in Netflix hell like JoJo, so at least there's a possibility of it showing up on Toonami at some point if not sooner!
  2. Source: Did we REALLY think there was ANY other way they would handle this!? But wait...there's more! Anyway, I'm predicting that when (and IF) this season comes to Toonami, since Fena and MHA both wrap-up nicely on October 23rd, we'll get a Halloween marathon of some sort on October 30th (Promised Neverland Season 2, maybe? Or perhaps Fena...) and then DS S2 begins at Midnight on November 6th, then moves down to 12:30 for the movie reduxes for the rest of 2021 behind premiering Blade Runner on the 13th. BUT WAIT! We get an extra hour of [as] on November 6th, so we COULD still have Blade Runner premiere that night at Midnight, then DS at 12:30 and everything else after that shifted up or technically back 30 minutes as circumstances dictate: Yashahime 1:30 Food Wars 1st 2 AM Black Clover 1st 2:30 Shippuden 2nd 2 AM For Toonami to still end nicely at 4, slide in MHA S5 reruns at 2nd 2:30 behind Dr. Stone and DBS to end the night at 3, then either expand to 4:30 (sorry, Black Dynamite) on November 13th or boot DBS for a couple weeks in order to finish Dr. Stone at 3:30 behind MHA reruns at 3.
  4. Episode 26: "New Mission" Don't miss the finale of the first season of the best new anime in 2019! 12:30 AM Tomorrow Night (5/2-5/3/20) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  5. Episode 25: "Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri" 12:30 AM TOMORROW NIGHT (4/25-4/26/2020)!! Only 2 episodes remain of the first season of this instant classic! Join Tanjiro as he trains with the mysterious Tsuguko for the battles ahead! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  6. Episode 24: Rehabilitation Training (機能回復訓練 Kinō Kaifuku Kunren) Toonami air date: April 19th, 2020 at 12:30am Last time Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke were sent to the insect Hashira's home for treatment and soon, rehabilitation. Tonight we get into the harder side of recovery, the brutal rehabilitation programs provided by a true Hashira. It could be ironically backbreaking stuff and it's Zenitsu I worry will have the strongest reaction. Whether you are going to head out for some carryout, or get something to eat via delivery, join us for some hectic recovery in a new dub premiere of Demon Slayer. Opening: "Gurenge" by LiSA Ending: "from the edge" by FictionJunction feat. LiSA T.V. dub premiere Only on Toonami
  7. Episode 23: Hashira Meeting The "Trial" Continues! Will we reach a resolution to this arc before this dub goes on pandemic hiatus with only 3 episodes left? Find out at 12:30 AM tomorrow night (4/4/2020), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  8. Demon Slayer: Episode 22: Master of the Mansion (お館様 Oyakata-sama) Toonami air date: March 29th at 12:30am Tanjiro and Nezuko must go face to face with the Hashira at the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters. Will the Hashira order Nezuko's execution even though she is huge online? That we will have to find out Run don't walk to your nearest Toonami tonight
  9. Fuck it I'm making it cause apparently no one but me is stuck indoors having nothing better to do! Demon Slayer 21: "Against Corp Rules" Dubbed only on Toonami at 12:30 AM!
  10. EPISODE #19: HINOKAMI Fan of Demon Slayer? Not a fan?? Do NOT Miss this Award-winning episode!! 12:30 PM Tonight (3/7-3/8)
  11. Episode 18: "A Forged Bond" Even More Arachnophobia!!! Let's hope Tanjiro doesn't get a spider bite! 12:30 AM Tomorrow night (2/29-3/1) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  12. Episode #17: "You Must Master A Single Thing" Holdin' down 12:30 AM with more arachnophobia! 2/22-2/23, ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  13. Episode 16: "Letting Someone Else Go First" ( Kanji:自分ではない誰かを前へ, Romaji: Jibun de wa Nai Dareka o Mae e) Air date: February 16th, 2020 at 12:30am Opening: LiSA - "Gurenge" Ending: FictionJunction feat. LiSA - "from the edge" Previously Tanjiro and Inosuke found themselves in quite the sticky situation. Suddenly every demon slayer they encountered started attacking and things didn't make sense, until a very common thread appeared. This thread was a web from demonic spiders, connected to everyone like the strings of puppet. Tanjiro and Inosuke now attempt to face the mother of the demonic spiders along with their fellow demon slayers, that Tanjiro is still attempting to save. It's not going to be easy to safely take down fellow slayers without shedding too much blood... Did anyone watch the Oscar's last sunday? Only on Toonami
  14. Dr. Stone - Best Protagonist (Senku) Demon Slayer - Best Boy (Tanjiro), Best Fight, & Anime Of The Year The Promised Neverland - Best Fantasy & Best Antagonist (Isabella) Attack On Titan Season 3 - Best Direction JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind - Best Japanese VA
  15. Since I couldn't find one ep title: Mt. Natagumo (gumo means spider in japanese)
  16. Episode 14: "The House With The Wisteria Family Crest" For the last time at 1:30 AM tonight (2/1-2) before airing a full hour earlier next Saturday! Only TOONAMI!!
  17. Episode 13: "Something More Important Than Life" 1:30 AM Tomorrow Night (1/25-26) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  18. Episode 12: "The Boar Bares Its Fangs; Zenitsu Sleeps" Kicking off the screaming protagonist power hour tomorrow night (1/18-19) at 1:30 AM ONLY TOONAMI!!
  19. Episode 11: "Tsuzumi Mansion" Meet two new characters, and one has a voice which might be really familiar... 1:30 AM Tomorrow Night (1/11), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  20. Episode 10: "Together Forever" Tanjiro's saga to save his sister continues into the new year! 1:30 AM Saturday Night (1/4-1/5), only TOONAMI!!
  21. I'll probably replace the Weekly Nezuko Appreciation Posts with this thread if it ever takes off!
  22. Episode 9: Temari Demon and Arrow Demon Hellooooooooooooo Demon Doctor! One last bout of Demon Slaying before the end of the decade! 1:30 AM tomorrow night (12/14-15), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  23. Episode 8: The Smell Of Enchanting Blood What an enchanting title! 1:30 AM tomorrow night (12/7-8) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  24. Demon Slayer Episode 7: Muzan Kibutsuji (鬼舞辻 無惨 Kibutsuji Muzan) Opening: Gurenge ("Red Lotus") by LiSA Ending: “from the edge” by Yuki Kajiura Toonami air date: November 24th at 1:30am The demon who has been silently abducting girls in a village has revealed itself to Tanjiro by appearing out of the ground, in a group. This demon is actually a couple of demons working as one unit, with one shared power. Tanjiro then being completely cornered was assisted by a suddenly ready to fight Nezuko. It's now time for a little sibling bonding as Tanjiro and Nezuko face down the group of portal demons. Tanjiro's gotta kill em' all with help from Nezuko of course Only on Toonami
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