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  1. Exactly, I cant even pinpoint when the transition from 2 to 3d happened, but the more i think about it, the titans in the later seasons definitely had that 3d quality to them. For whatever reason I actually just assumed it was the studio's particular art/animation style coming across, but in hindsight it's obvious it was the 3d effect coming through. I know when i go back and look it will probably be a lot more obvious and i'm sure there will be some bad areas as well like you said. I'm pretty confident that it works mostly because the Titans are surrounded by traditional hand drawn assets. If they decided to do everything in 3D there's no way you get the same effect. It's supers obvious when you start doing an entire show in 3d and it just takes the life out of everything imo.
  2. ya I'm curious if that's makeup work on her face or photoshop. It's very well done and hard to tell.
  3. 👍 I'm definitely gonna go back and take a look at the various versions. It never really jumped out at me so I guess that's a good thing. Typically it's obvious that it's 3D underneath and just looks off in general.
  4. Cool...Yeah I normally hate the 3D/2D anime look, but they did a pretty good job with the titans.
  5. it definitely looks like the Titans are all 3D models right now, but it's hard to say with certainty. Not sure if it's always been this way, but I thought they were hand drawn in the earlier seasons..
  6. You know this ones for the big booty lovers
  7. very happy we have a dedicated Shenmue rewatch time slot.
  8. Those are some powerhouse authors right there
  9. the last scene with Spike and Faye is 💔
  10. weird decision. I think i actually need to rewatch some scenes to see if i can understand it better
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