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  1. Great set of episodes tonight. Felt like old school Toonami. G'night
  2. I dunno know if we even have a schedule for next week
  3. Imagine if Spike was like "as if" when Rocco asked him if they would have been friends in another life? ­čść
  4. Hell yeah..once i saw the recipe i had to try it. I used to do this a lot. It's delish
  5. oooof good luck...hate hangovers Water and an excedrin before bed for me
  6. i did make one once and it was actually good (but i like weird stuff like that and anything w/hot sauce ­čąÁ)
  7. This is an underrated escape sequence coming up
  8. Yeah true..we got a nice little mini arc w/ a conclusion and everything. Toonami should consider packaging more episodes together like that if the schedule is gonna be in limbo for a bit longer.
  9. I didn't even think of doing that, but that would have been better
  10. my tv guide says we were just getting repeats tonight but that doesnt appear to be the case, so im gonna stick around
  11. In case anyone wants to hang, it looks like these aren't just repeats of last weeks episodes. "Heavy Metal Queen" is up first
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