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  1. agreed...i was genuinely interested but it felt a little disconnected
  2. flashback got it. that certainly explains why it feels so disconnected at times. and anime only filler kind of denotes scraping the bottom of the barrell for story lines.
  3. it just all feels so mysterious to me at times, like you have to be super dedicated to keep track of everything. I almost wanna do just for shits and giggles
  4. im so confused by the overall timeline of this show...so much so that i think im gonna start from scratch
  5. Def.. i successfully cloned the old ssd and got the new drive to boot from a usb enclosure i bought. I thought for sure i was golden but when i did the actual replacement it didnt work. Shit got real at that point and i just put the old one back in
  6. yeah everything is good right now fortunately 👍
  7. I'm assuming luffy would destroy Hordy on land
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