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  1. seriously, kabuto used to be so interesting. the consummate double agent. almost every time he showed his face, it was to look shady at a pivotal moment. but once he decided to become an Orochimaru clone, his character potential expired
  2. don't get spotted also, can't noelle use this rain to boost her power?
  3. well, they were killed by elves, but okay. she was in love with the dctor woman
  4. they won't get far, tough...they have no real power and can't get it the way they imagine.... just because they claim the devil as their namesake doesn't make them actually dangerous...without the will to kill the hstages, this is just an errand hunt
  5. oh, boo hoo kids laughed at you if you wanna imitate asta's strength, you'd better start those pushups
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