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  1. https://unevenedge.com/topic/36557-i-got-in-trouble-for-saying-dildo-when-i-was-a-young-child/?tab=comments#comment-662126
  2. I never played it....it was just the first pic i came across with the name in it as well
  3. I had Korean bbq a few weeks ago in Kansas. Not sure how "authentic" that is but it was damned good.
  4. Dude it says 4 minutes. Its just in a fancy box. Got it at our bootleg wholefoods
  5. Whose heart I crushed....like..literally
  6. I nap exclusively...might be about time for one....this is my usual nap time but I'm wired. Which means I might as well stay up until 2 or 3 just to stay within my functionality realm
  7. I.....Think this was supposed to be a burn....just not sure how other than the fact that my mom naming some other kid is just not funny or insulting
  8. Fuggz: why are you giving my info to crazy people Also fuggz: *desperately posts real phone number on internet forum*
  9. That's because you planned to get pregnant in hopes someone would love you.
  10. Goodbye taut lil booty....Hello datass
  11. I'll take things that sperm say for 300, Alex
  12. Second time you've said this...The first time I was like whatever....But now, I have to ask. how elitist is your circle that vodka shots are such a mystery....I think I started liquor on gin shots and moved to vodka when I was like 16.....Still do them if given the chance.
  13. Jesus Christ H. John......Has your voice gotten this boring?
  14. Smoke weed errrrrrrday. I was going to link to a video of nate dogg saying this....But too high.
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