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  1. Why can't vapid bitches just be happy being vapid.
  2. The last five people who viewed your profile...

    Just say you let Sawdy get that nappy dug out.
  3. Parts not needed

    They are scavengers and people foolishly feed these things, completely fucking up their natural diet....The more you feed them the more they will become used to your handouts and if you stop, they will find other sources of that same kind of fix.....Some have even been known to attack small dogs because idiots like you have eliminated their need to forage by the water. Soon, they will eat you. You are a complete and total pox on this planet.
  4. Video Greeting To Uneven Edge

    Well done...You have passed the test.
  5. So much for the tolerant left

    LOL, my daughter was watching a meme compilation and this clip came up and she was like "Lol, whats' wrong with him, he's insane...Is he a youtuber" I was like "kinda, but trust me...You don't wanna watch his shit."
  6. So much for the tolerant left

    This was my favorite move on SC4
  7. Yet you have not provided any links to said scientists...Just a bunch of blogs and nonsense from trumpler.
  8. LOL, well Bucket and Jingus....Y'all might have created a bit of smoke, but your down's syndrome billy goat came in and ruined it before you had actual fire. Might wanna break that tie....Birds of a feather and all.
  9. My future ex wife isnt responding to my texts

    I made a thread about these, but I don't know what account and don't recall what any keywords were....Other than that, unless titties show up in my sleep I won't be a part of it tonight....Going to bet asap..... See you at the morning's asscrack.
  10. what banner ad are you getting?

    Packard confirmed
  11. 2 my haters

  12. Miller Lite Cantroller

    Sometimes some people don't believe how many siblings you're willing to fuck.
  13. Do you remember how close we got to getting westpark?

    Probably because that idiot said it was in the report....He was ready to get the FBI lol. Packshit has said that too....It's never them we're rossting over an open fire, but they need the authorities
  14. Do you remember how close we got to getting westpark?

    I know, that's where the idea came from
  15. Do you remember how close we got to getting westpark?

    I was thinking of making a few alts with Packards number in them but was like nah....Not yet, not while the game is just getting fun
  16. My future ex wife isnt responding to my texts

    Oh, you got those too
  17. How many girls do you think DMX fucked?

    Oh goody, it's a double thread so I get to use both of my replies. Are we talking women or actual girls....Because I've heard things.
  18. How many girls do you think DMX fucked?

    I'm sure he's still getting some throwback groupie pussy.....But at the height of his career, of course....
  19. Post a picture of yourself: version who gives a fuck

    This man has deer heads on his wall
  20. Walmart using robots for janitors

  21. Jingo has to do better by keeping his patsies in line....He just had to check Packard last week, and now he's having to rein in Bucket. Gotta keep the kid diddling and closet homosexuality in check or we'll sniff out the "secrets"
  22. Be there or be queer, amirite...
  23. There is no romantic way....

  24. 7 days no cigs

    Didn't even know you smoked cigs
  25. nothing feels better than coming home to the arms of a loving

    Buddy does....He's been begging me to play it with him but I'm playing Borderlands Handsome collection