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  1. I’m shocked. I haven’t changed my roster in weeks! I just updated it though. We will see how this plays out!
  2. I had a ton going in the past month. Bought a house, have been fixing it up, went on vacation to Disney, work has also been drowning me. I’ll do better next year 😳 life just moved in hard on me this year. @scoobdog
  3. Oh damn! Good game to you too! I want a rematch 😜
  4. Smart man. I’m getting ready to take some days off to get my sanity back.
  5. .. on the process of buying a house. Most tedious, stressful bullshit of a process. Just give me the damn house.
  6. I’m the Steel Curtain. 😎 sorry scoob
  7. I could work with this. Needs to be on a voluntary basis though. Aka, for free. Maybe I should look into being a dominiatrix.
  8. I just want mine detached forever. I hate having big breasts.
  9. If it meant my neck would stop hurting, yes
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