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  1. The grey stuff from Beauty and the Beast or all of the Harry Potter snacks from the snack cart!
  2. I smell the year for winning the stairway to 7! *waves Terrible Towel*
  3. Hehehe i have, unfortunately nothing works for the long haul. I’ve had fans going, music of all genres, tried making myself tired with sexy time.. nothing works.
  4. Someone needs to send her some salsa to remedy that.
  5. Ferr shherrrr! I know you got this 😉
  6. Let me help you... pose for a selfie while doing the dirty house chores. Grrrrr
  7. That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!
  8. What could be more of a wow factor than trying to fly a plane? ok, ok. I choose Bruce Willis’s pad. For reasons of sexy. The things that would happen in that house 🥴
  9. Is she grading to this? Micromanaging at its finest.
  10. I think I’d post up near or in a major airport. Endless supplies, you know for a while at least but plenty of opportunity for options there!
  11. I don’t want entertainment. I want sleep. but when you find that costume.... 😬
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