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  1. Oh man. That looks like a feast to my pregnant ass. Is this from somewhere/region in particular? Husboy and I always eat at diners when we go on vacation cause the atmospheres are always super chill and sometimes they’re kitschy and cute.
  2. Ahem, cough, Waffle House and Steak and Shake, cough.
  3. No hard feelings about any of it.
  4. My opinion means fuck all; same as yours. We can all just lick each other’s cum up off the floor if you want??
  5. And again, I’ll say I don’t particularly give a fuck one way or another, and I was originally having a good laugh. I’m the one that posted the meme and brought up foreplay. Doom is the one that got weirdly specific about it. You’re right though, we do have this weird shared space where we are allowed and free and comfortable to share anything we want without fear, but at the same time, it came off creepy, and I’m equally as comfortable sharing that thought. 🖕🏻
  6. I didn’t chide anyone. I just have my opinion that he OFTENTIMES seems skeezy. It’s not this one time scenario. Fuck all y’all.
  7. Don’t base any assumptions on the way women present themselves.
  8. You’re dumb and I’m not doing this. If you can’t see that the way you mentally molest women is inappropriate, that’s on you. I’m not a prude by any means, nor am I threatened by you in any way. My already fully explained position implies neither. I just think you’re a skeezy creepo, and now I think you’re dumb. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sorry, bud.
  9. I think the context of the situation is what’s more off-putting for me. Lusting for years over a college friend’s tummy after seeing it once is weird. I’m not trying to tear him down or anything. I’m not anti-doom, and I don’t really think he’s full blown delusional, though the comparison to a grown man that believes in Santa would justify the claim. I just think his fantasies and ideas of sexual interactions are fucking creepy and gross. It probably is because he lacks sexual intelligence, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less skeezy. Sorry about your thread, Yackie.
  10. THISSSS this dude went swimming with a girl from college and is STILL reminiscing about how he wishes he could lick her stomach. I don’t mean to hate, but reality checks are important.
  11. I mean, I like to have my titties touched as much as the next guy, but we gotta admit his fantasies are a little out of touch, right? I guess that’s what a fantasy is, but eh, I digress.
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