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  1. Yeah, but emergency vet bills happen. I had to suddenly spend like 2k just to keep my cat alive before, and it would have been nice to have some help.
  2. A trap like people were hiding behind the dumpster waiting to rob you or a trap like you kept the kitten?
  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry. Post the link to the gofundme?
  4. Life isn’t complete without a furry companion.
  5. Man, don’t tempt me! Three seems like a lot already sometimes, especially when they all run around like a herd of ponies.
  6. Mean old cats need love too! No, I don’t plan on keeping him. I have three cats already. I’m going to foster him for a few weeks until he’s in top form, then I can adopt him out.
  7. lol. I’m sure there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of cats and kittens in your area that need to be adopted. Check your local shelters!
  8. he was sitting on the side of the road all alone. It’s truly a fucking miracle that I even saw him. He’s TINY. I turned around to check on him, but I assumed he was feral and would run. Nope. He meowed at me, let me pick him up, and he started purring and nuzzling me immediately. 😭
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