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  1. i cleaned and reorganized half of the living room (mini ups)
  2. I kind of wing it, but generally start with the perimeter with an inconsistent use of straight lines and breaking off quadrants due to trees/bushes etc.
  3. Ultimately all the one off (the "we made it up as we went") rules that addressed specific scenarios got rolled into these more basic, general rules. Because for me, the bottom line is that it was the intent that mattered and trying to one-off address specific scenarios was an endless cycle. If the rules just list antagonistic scenarios you can't do, trolls will just find other antagonistic scenarios that aren't written down to continue antagonizing. Because the game of trolls is to find ways to antagonize without breaking the rules. So just moderate "antagonism". So in that specific case, it's rolled into the first bullet under Civility (the "don't be toxic" rule) - which does not currently carry over to DF. I hope that's a thing that doesn't need to be changed, but under these rules we can still moderate particularly egregious things there if they cross enough boundaries.
  4. Anyways, here is the near-final draft for everyone's look-see. Constructive criticism or questions are still welcome and may influence the final cut, but the final rules will be posted in one week. Constructive criticism or questions are still welcome and may influence the final cut, but the final rules will be posted in approximately one week.
  5. tell me where it says what you think it says misaka
  6. No, that is not what that means at all.
  7. I don't foresee that, but if that's where it organically grows then I wouldn't stop it either. Here is what I've put down for clubs since I shared the last draft (as a practical matter, mods/admins can access even private/closed clubs regardless of whether they're a member but haven't tested how abuse reports work there though): - In member-created Clubs, members can customize their own rulesets. However, custom club rules cannot be more lax than the Dumpster Fires ruleset. In order for a club to have custom rules, those rules must be posted in the club. If no rules are posted or if the custom rules are unclear, the default UEMB rules apply.
  8. not all gameplay hours are equal the weekend The Wind Waker came out on gamecube, I spent the entire first day stuck in the market at the very beginning where you need to find a sail for your boat. this was 2002, pre-any sort of real-time internet help type stuff. the website was just an advertisement for the game and forum type stuff wasn't big yet. there was one eskimo dude standing between two wood structures under a staircase, and when I'd walk up to him he would say something like 'talk to me over there' which didn't make any sense. it took me the entire day to figure out (by accident, probably because I noticed the tooltip pop up when i walked close enough) that he wanted me to talk to him across the wood thing instead of face to face, because it was actually a shop counter. then he sells you his sail for a pittance and the main adventure begins.
  9. happy birthday gpc!

    never forget the time you saved me after i totally doxxed myself

  10. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    Shout-out to @jackiemarie90too but I was busy and couldn't join but thanks for the invite
  11. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    the best friendening has occurred i repeat the best friendening has occurred
  12. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    sounds good, shoot another post once you've used the egg
  13. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    we're one interaction short of becoming best friends, which is 100K XP - or 200K XP if using a lucky egg. if you want to use a lucky egg and time it together, that is.
  14. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    @DragonSinger do you want me to pop the bf? there's 3x catch cp for community day, so it's a good time to burn a lucky egg
  15. No, panic and I had a discussion about the nuances of nudity last weekend or last week and it became obvious it wasn't really worth it to draw lines on that. Just don't totally overdo it.
  16. you are (you just gotta believe)
  17. I can go through and conform everything I tried to scalpel as much original JMC/Luuv language I could, and I think that was one of his sentences.
  18. I'm not manually adjusting your post count every time you forget to put your pants on outside of the folder and make an alt.
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