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  1. Here is the original because why not https://youtu.be/lrzKT-dFUjE
  2. I think I bought hard-to-find GameCube ports of older resident evil games on my mom's eBay account.
  3. Also that's not what the debt ceiling is or how it works.
  4. It's inaccurate to compare the federal budget to a household budget; a household budget is built around the premise that the earner(s) will eventually retire/die and must settle all their debts in a finite period of time.
  5. Is your concern about living at home centered more on the realities of living at home (privacy, freedom, etc.) or the outward appearance/judgment of living at home?
  6. The world is run by the illuminati. And the illuminati is controlled by a clandestine cabal of IBers through Discord.
  7. Raptorpat

    Took 4 months

    now you'll finally be able to play among us like a true pro
  8. My understanding is that it is a complete anachronism. I recall that it is legally possible for Congress to permanently eliminate a debt ceiling cap, but the political will hasn't arisen despite the politics that latch onto it through the opposition party's leveraging it in negotiations against the sitting president.
  9. can you change my name skeleclam like a clam that's just a skeleton
  10. You can't catch "fainted" pokemon though. Also, under your theory, would the pokemon retain their memories if they're reset?
  11. what if every time you go to the pokemon center they pokemon is destroyed completely and cloned like the star trek teleporter
  12. you were all accidentally swapped at the hospital and have to find out whose parents are your real ones
  13. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    it was a collection event (to collect a number of ghost, dark, and psychic pokemon) timed with the release of page 3 of the current research quest, the reward for which is catching hoopa. hoopa was actually the final pokemon to collect to complete the collection challenge. the prize was hoopa candy, something else I forget, and a character pose for your profile. not the hugest event/prize(especially because the legendary pokemon itself is a reward in the ongoing research quest), but at the same time I didn't get any real-time notice.
  14. and this past May, the ASMB would've been old enough to vote
  15. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    kinda feel like there was no notice for today's event because the collection challenge has three types and they're doing a different type every hour, I can't catch everything before 5pm edit: the ghost and dark pokemons are in the same hour so it's still possible for me - but my point about the no notice stands
  16. Subway: Eat Fresh Subway: well it's this or starve
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