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  1. Opinion on ads?

    Moving this to the community folder so more people know where to voice things.
  2. Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers

    The counter to that is that things have felt super rushed the past season or so, so like the Jon/Dany relationship didn't feel earned and the many interactions over the past two episodes and even last season felt super forced. Or like the A-team crew last season that went with Jon when the dragon died and all that. Didn't feel right.
  3. Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers

    The pacing issues seem directly related to how much source material they had to work off of. Like it's kind of obvious even having not read any of the series when they jumped from finished source material to half-written source material, and then from half-written source material to bullet points. It was as if they made a conscious choice not to flesh it out any more than how it was given to them.
  4. Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers

    Yeah, this episode kind of felt like part two of last week. There are just too many reunions and character matchups, so they had to break it into two hours. Only a few characters have had the time in these two episodes to show off much depth. Tormund is just 100% comic relief at this point. Also going to throw it out there that I didn't need to see the sex scene, it could have done a hard cut much, much sooner. Next week is going to be the big battle that these two hours (and I suppose the entire long-burn subplot beginning with the prologue). Either half the cast is going to die at minimum or the narrative will have completely abandoned its roots in an effort to swiftly conclude.
  5. Hate Facts

    Ok bucket.
  6. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Do you use a wired connection? I think one of the problems is the you need to buy a USB dongle for a wired connection, so of course no one has that.
  7. "Viper Challenge"

    I moved the thread to DF because it was a stupid attempt to instigate drama.
  8. Attention Whorin’

  9. Attention Whorin’

    The cause and solution to many of life's problems.
  10. Got pulled over for texting at a stoplight

    I read a story last year about how NY's cell phone law is written ambiguously enough that it's unclear whether it's actually illegal to text while the vehicle is stopped, and that some police departments leave it up to the discretion of the officer. So obviously that's something that has to get fixed. You bet on boring and I raised you double boring.
  11. ITN: Mueller report released

    https://politics.theonion.com/report-you-re-far-too-dumb-to-be-reading-the-mueller-r-1834149239 Full disclosure, I fully intended on taking a look to offer my thoughts on the actual report. But every time I think about how daunting and not fun that would be, I go do something else.
  12. Ok... Funniest thing you'll see this afternoon

    stooooooooooooooooooop with the names and personal info
  13. anyone else turn off all the notifications?

    no I should expirement more with the options I've never really looked at though
  14. ITN: Mueller report released

    Yeah, 450 pages. I wanted to download the file because the justice department link is def temporary, and figured I'd share.
  15. ITN: Mueller report released

    I've attached the report, if anyone wants to browse it. Mueller_Report.pdf