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  1. ok so it looks like kidney is the one who is trying to set up an inaugural movie night so everyone gotta figure out whether a weeknight evening or a weekend night works better to kick something off
  2. I hatched a perfect piplup, which is good because I didn't want to go outside in February anyways.
  3. subject to revision sega genesis: sonic 3 & knuckles n64: ocarina of time gbc: pokemon gold gcn: metroid prime 1 ds: pokemon heartgold wii: super smash bros brawl 3ds: animal crossing new lead wii u: breath of the wild switch: too early to say pc: civ 6 (?)
  4. Admin_Raptorpat

    Oh lawd

    I bought the re2 remake during the steam sale, but I haven't booted it up yet. I would say once graphics we're good enough, maybe beginning with Code Veronica, they did a pretty good job of making the characters stay consistent. The REmake, RE0, RE4, the Chronicles rail shooters on Wii, maybe I'm forgetting something. Then Chris hulked out in 5 and characters started looking different come re6 and on. Maybe with the upgrade in tech they're based on actual actors doing mocap and they want the extra detail? I dunno.
  5. hi i was talking to folks about trying to do a movie night using the discord stream feature. this was a thing luuv wanted to do (there's a hidden board of him trying to set it up a different way) and it might be neat to try who would be interested in such a thing ?
  6. Admin_Raptorpat

    Oh lawd

    saw this earlier just gonna throw it out there, but in the most recent couple of RE projects (maybe beginning with what, 6?), the higher-quality characters don't even look like themselves from their older games not like the 1990s games, but like the mid era where everyone started looking decent and also consistent. kinda takes me out of it a lil.
  7. happy arbitrarily-determined day of recognition you ageless being of wonderment
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