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  1. ALS

    i just found out about a bunch of bad cancer diagnoses at once (not me) so, you know everything is horrible
  2. Chimney question

    As a safety measure you should always inspect the fireplace/chimney before you use it for the reasons Ginguy stated. I had an inspector come look at mine in January and got a big "do not use this under any circumstances"
  3. link's awakening

    i mean, yeah, the literal actions you are doing are different because it's a larger and 3D environment with more things fit into it, but i did not realize how much the skeleton structure of the game copied over from LttP to OoT. it's like plagiarizing an essay you wrote in as a freshman for your senior thesis.
  4. link's awakening

    i dunno, i finally played ALttP for the first time a couple years ago when club nintendo shut down and we got all the download codes, and I played through it and was like 'yup, this is zelda' because literally every single main game in the series subsequent until maybe skyward sword followed that exact formula.
  5. country roads

  6. link's awakening

    something like that would have made more sense, seems like a logical 3DS remake really (or they already had a lot of visual assets from ALBW they could have reused) the art style i think is what made it stand out to me though instead of just an 'ok whatever'
  7. Apparently...

    Past couple weeks the cats start getting riled up around 5:30 because they want breakfast. Goddamn freeloaders.
  8. I just read a few weeks ago about a study linking the bacteria that causes gingivitis to Alzheimer's. I mentioned it to the dental hygienist at my last moment and she got a little self righteous and was like "we've known about this for 25 years but doctors don't listen to dentists" and I started thinking maybe I shouldn't have brought up an apparently sore topic.
  9. link's awakening

    I was kind of like "ok but y tho" but it's the art style that might be what tips me into getting it
  10. Well, looks like I need to get a Switch now

    are you a stage maker or a stage challenger
  11. Take your opinions of me

    You are Jack. Jack is frend. You are frend.
  12. Amazon bails on plans to make new HQ in NYC

    I don't think they want to go anywhere that is desperate for their business
  13. Amazon bails on plans to make new HQ in NYC

    I mean, the speculation in the Post's direction would be that they were always considering DC, NYC, and maybe a few other major cities (they said their were 20 finalists), and then hosted an "open" competition to create a race to the bottom by pressuring those cities to create incentive packages, even though they were considering those places anyways. This would imply the 180+ other cities who applied spent time, money, and hope on proposals that served no purpose to Amazon but for to raise the pressure on the few locations they were interested in. Though obviously that's all speculation. I do know that NY had four applicants: NYC, Albany, Buffalo/Rochester, and somewhere in Westchester. The state offered the same incentive package for each, and three of the four offered their own local incentives on top. The odd one out was NYC which basically said "we propose this site in Long Island City, we don't need to offer any additional financial incentives because we're NYC so take it or leave it." Amazon clearly had no interest in the investment or responsibilities of being the largest employer in town or putting a midsized city back on the map. They wanted to go somewhere that was already prepared to absorb them who would also roll out the red carpet and treat them like kings. Also relevant: www.theonion.com/jeff-bezos-heart-breaks-a-little-reading-albany-s-amaz-1819819152/
  14. Amazon bails on plans to make new HQ in NYC

    An editorial in the NY Post the other day pointed out the fact the company ran it's massive national competition for "HQ2" and, with over 200 cities applying, it selected the political (Washington DC) and financial (NYC) capitals of the country - the exact places they would have likely already been considering prior to any sort of public competition.