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  1. we didn't play again last night, but I think it's something we'll try to do again soon
  2. I get jazzed by the idea of a retro saturday morning, but i'm apparently incapable of just getting my ass out of bed early enough, without checking my phone or going on the internet, and plopping myself down in front of the TV with some nintendo console.
  3. Nah, it's from hiring young people out of minimum wagery who have never gotten real benefits before
  4. we had an issue crop up recently over ambiguity in whether each week of paid vacation time counts as seven or five days (a full week versus a business week), and it nearly caused some scheduling problems. basically if you're being genuine, even if you think something like that goes without saying, just say it anyways because that potential employee might not be as smart or experienced as you.
  5. I think I just focus on one eye, but no one home to test it on
  6. Thanks to those who joined tonight, it was a bit of trial-and-error/proof of concept. And apologies for the slow start, both ramo and I had unexpected stuff pop up and so someone else had to take charge and also get the ball rolling and all that.
  7. ok there is a lobby up: arena ID: FDPY3 password: 00070006
  8. I've got some stuff I've gotta take care of in the short term so I won't be around for a few hours, so whomever wants to take the lead whenever you're ready, take a crack at creating a lobby when you're ready. just make sure you set it with a passcode so we don't have to deal with friend codes, and set it so eight people can join the lobby and it rotates people out who lose or win or whatever. share the passcode here when you're good to go.
  9. There are some cultures where it is rude to eat the last bite, because leaving your plate empty implies that you weren't fed enough and satisfied with your meal.
  10. The first time I rode a bike at five years old, I crashed into a parked car because I was looking at my sister to my left who was trying to go faster than me, and my thumb must have gotten pinched because it ripped off basically the skin on the front of my thumb and the nail was so busted it fell off a few days later. I didn't touch the bike again for what felt like an eternity at the time.
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