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  1. Got fucking jury duty

    I just finished an eight-week stint of grand jury duty, every Friday.
  2. Won't someone please allow her into their group....She needs this.

    why is she verified
  3. It's my birthday.

    happy birthday alezar hex
  4. Swimmod_Odin SwimOdin

  5. went and got a haircut mini-rant

    Was this one of those shitty chains like sportsclips?
  6. Dead by Daylight

    but have you seen been playing it?
  7. Welp, I pulled a (worst) naraku

    you confused me for poof
  8. It's got to be the worst job in Washington.
  9. Welp, I pulled a (worst) naraku

    beat by the fastest tippy-tappers in the west
  10. Welp, I pulled a (worst) naraku

  11. Welp, I pulled a (worst) naraku

    the only thing weirder is worstnaraku
  12. Haters/Complainers: Legacy of Spleen

    i'm tired, cranky, and hair-trigger annoyed by everyone and everything
  13. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    I think BK are coming in fall
  14. Video Greeting To Uneven Edge

    this made my day, you have no idea why did katt keep you (or was it us?) as secret for so long?