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  1. 5Candy Shep, Kyrie Geister and 3 ot Like outside of my apartment building Comment Share
  2. the one where I said I don't support Trump. I actually fully support Trump. I meant I'm not racist. I just not brainwashed by the news. at least Trump is entertaining and funny unlike Joe Biden
  3. that wasn't the mail man he just pulls up to where the mailboxes are
  4. I could do about 2 posts before I got bored with Nabs' nonsese and just ignore him.
  5. no I still go out to restaurants and sit around eating without a mask on
  6. I ate 2 NY strip steaks today now I feel like everything is in slo-mo
  7. I am forced to sit on the floor or the love seat
  8. I have a bot that helps me with spelling
  9. damn right I can be one of the spammyist spammers there is!
  10. none of that ever happend you're worse at making shit up than ghostrek
  11. yes I need to get off my ass and post more instead of making one post and taking a nap.
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