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  1. holy fuck that's alot of clcok changing. my clock is on my laprop and PS4. and I guess the old school one that needs a battery, so I'd have to change that if it had a battery, I guess
  2. Oh I should do that right now. the only clcok I have that doesn't change itself back is on the stove
  3. out here where I live, Halloween was still lit. I'm drinking the last of my Halloween beer now before I pass out. some teenagers even did some mild chaos in the hallway of my apt building 😀
  4. it's mostly the same thing as it is every year, from what I seen, vampires and stuff
  5. Halloween was successful trick or treaters came to me and I gave them candy. they were mostly teenagers
  6. Well it's better than the last ghostbuster movie.
  7. just take the complement and run with it before I start being a smartass again
  8. Knick it off. Shadow is very spoiled
  9. I don't hate them. the fact that you think I do tells. me how stupid and brainwashed you are. I myself Ihave more in common with them than you do.
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