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  1. Not secret at all. The admin is a former radio host. Any fan of the admin who knows how to be polite and stay on topic is welcome. You don't qualify.
  2. Not be a trolling shit head and stay on topic.
  3. No, it isn't. A phrase posted here ended up in Google search results.
  4. Why does a forum that doesn't allow spam, trolling, porn, racist shit, political rants or generally off topic posting have to be Nambla? Can't they just discuss comedy and share slapstick video?
  5. 'cause he probably ain't read it yet.
  6. I'm not inviting you to where you're not welcome.
  7. So, there you go again, with all your patently false assumptions. The subject is comedy, not Nambla.
  8. Maybe not. The admin has quite a tight gate. Most of posts are video so, you'd probably just be bored there.
  9. In another forum, I actually found people who are very deeply offended by the visual presentation of wobbling two by fours. What? Were they supposed to be beach umbrellas?
  10. Without expandable memory, it's nothing but a paperweight. Slam it on the concrete. Next...
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