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  1. I tried explaining this to my friends, but they found it depressing. A year is just a number. If we lived on any other planet in our solar system with all limitations and resource problems pushed aside, "time" as we know it would work differently. It's just a way to measure a full revolution around the sun. Nothing remotely changes in society or culture because of that specific event.
  2. I dabble. I do text based roleplay. I write some poetry. But I especially love writing when it is a collaborative experience.
  3. Okay, so it is due to the VA sucking balls. I understand why you're hesitant in that case.
  4. I know it's probably a pain in the ass, but if it's covered, I'd still go to the VA if you could afford to do so. GRANTED, even the VA here is said to suck balls. So if you don't like the quality of care they provide, I understand.
  5. Yeah. Trying to revive this. =
  6. This, but the exact opposite.
  7. West Virginia is full of old people, so...yeah. I'd say Tootsie Rolls would be a favorite around these parts. Hell, I love them.
  8. I write for myself. I've no desire to get a book published.
  9. Based on tradition, I expect Godzilla to at least have an anti-hero role. Toho hasn't made him an outright hero since the 1970's films
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