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  1. Seraph of the end. random books from library
  2. Is anyone actually legally named Joe, or is it all just a ruse for Joseph?
  3. Indeed I do. Because Feaglesnork was my overweight twin cousin Brian Jason being made out by Brian Johnston to look like a chump while mocking me. You all remember it.
  4. Yes, I've been a very prolific publisher, writer. artist, author and distributor in my 20s and 30s
  5. I also recently discovered a lulu.com book I published under my author's name: End Times: The Comics Sketchbook by JM Matthews
  6. Just google MONO: The Anthology Megamix. plenty of stores carry it.
  7. I spent time in hospitals. finding different places to live on my own
  8. sorry for the late response. do you still want a link to my books?
  9. https://www.amazon.com/J.M.-Matthews/e/B00760DFL8%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share
  10. Are you a published author or cartoonist? If so how old are you?
  11. Words, Volume 1 is an example of prose by me, that you may as well call a 600 page beastie boys lyric sheet, as in there's a lyrical quality to my prose. Kind of like beastie boys or bloodhound gang. I'm similar to Jack Kerouac. It's beat writing is what it is It's in stock at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Just google "Words: Volume 1" by J.M. Matthews in most major bookstores. Try Books A Million's website too.
  12. If you're feeling so generous, and you've already read my published works or are in the process of doing so....simply google J.M. Matthews, at Amazon and Goodreads, two of my big supporter. People are buying my books on paperback, but they're not leaving their opinion. Thanks
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