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  2. did you know that the average us dollar has traces of cocaine on it? COCAINE??!?! why would you want to subject america's youth to that filth? are you trying to get them high so they'll be more willing to "visit" you in that shithole apartment? you fucking pedophile.
  3. methinks you don't understand that a cashless society doesn't need ATMs...
  4. a few times. totaled one car, still driving one of them. but pretty much every vehicle i've owned has met a deer on the road. have you ever donkey-punched your partner / been donkey-punched by your partner?
  5. you're not pushing shit on anyone, so your needs/benefits are irrelevant.
  6. i wonder if packard realizes the people pushing the benefits of cashless, are the exact same ones who stand to profit the most from cashless commerce. and yet, that the benefits still exist.
  7. yes -- am i supposed to drink now? ...like i needed an excuse. have you ever just walked out on a job with no advance notice?
  8. no have you ever been convicted of a felony?
  9. oh hell what did i miss now @revelations? why you change face?
  10. wacky1980

    Imagine love

    sounds like obsession
  11. never regrew that hair from getting fixed. both her and her sister are like that.
  12. this fluffernutter will promptly decorate your face in red if you try to nuzzle the tumtum. but she soo00oo cute.
  13. i may have asked before, but are those carbonated or still?
  14. i'd swap you a bottle for a bottle sometime, sure. i don't have much available right now besides a hoppy stout that may or may not be worth consuming. we're gonna try making a couple seltzers maybe this week for kicks. and i have ingredients on the way to brew a witbier, an ipa, and a shandy. but those last 3 have to wait until i get the brewery built out.
  15. turned out j&j doesn't offer the protection that the other two do, so i was actually pretty good with it once i came to terms with having to wait an extra month to be considered "fully vaccinated".
  16. i wanted to back in march, bu tit wasn't available here. only option was moderna.
  17. i'm now 5 weeks post-vax, and still not mutating into a communist. how disappointing.
  18. i filled up just a bit ago. 12 gallons @ 3.10 per. no lines, no shortages. i thought about pouring a gallon out on the ground for all the fallen gashogs on the eastern seaboard.
  19. this is from usatoday.com as of noon today: there's not a supply shortage from the source. but the endpoints are experiencing massive supply issues, mainly due to hoarding and panic buying causing demand to far outpace the relative trickle of gas now getting back out. this supply problem isn't going to just fade away overnight either. it could be a couple weeks before some gas stations receive deliveries. there's a ripple effect that can't be corrected by a return to regular supply levels. did you not pay attention to toilet paper shortages, sanitizer shortages, coin shortages, etc etc etc in 2020?
  20. yes yes we're all aware of the cause
  21. it feeds the east coast. i don't think tx/la/al took the hurt like ga&north has. the midwest is still in high supply, but the price has gone up because that's just how it do.
  22. i drink this shit in the morning 1 net gram of carbs per seving (if you don't count erythritol), and the taste is pretty decent. i add it to my black coffee in the morning and it's good, kinda like drinking hot cocoa with a coffee kick. if it's not sweet enough, a teaspoon of monk fruit does the job for no add'l carbs. for an actual meal, i shake it with a cup of unsweetened almond milk for a total of 2 net carbs. it's not great at being a full meal replacement, but it staves off the hunger for a bit until i can dive into them pork rinds at home...
  23. she's probably waiting until i finally take out that life insurance policy. is it odd that not buying a policy might be the only thing keeping me alive at this point?
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