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  1. 85 all day. You will get used to a constant 85 pretty rapidly, and you'll be just fine. You will eventually develop hypothermia at a constant 45.
  2. i like the setup for whatever comes next. shit got wild as hell at the end.
  3. a couple laps around the perimeter, then pattern the rest. sometimes north/south passes, sometimes east/west, and sometimes diagonal. and follow that up with the string trimmer to get the straggler blades. i had a side job in college as a groundskeeper for a bed & breakfast (i was plowing the innkeeper so it made sense to just work there too) and the owners were very particular with their lawn. i had to mow that 2-acre lot with an old push mower twice a week, and i could never use the same pattern twice in a row. it always looked nice when i was done, so the method just kinda stuck after that.
  4. That's probably the only time I've ever sleep-smacked someone. I guess she learned her lesson. The wasp, that is.
  5. The tomorrow war. Ummm.... Let's do 5/10 Chris Pratt was not a good choice for this lead. Actually, I'm starting to think Chris Pratt is not a good choice for most of his characters. But I digress. The movie had potential but it was squandered in the first like, 10 minutes. Exposition was reeeeally poorly done. I didn't like any of the characters. Soundtrack was over the top. Insert tired time travel trope here. Oh, what else... Eh, nevermind. Lots of cgi gore and infinite ammo. Turn your brain off and enjoy.
  6. One time I was dreaming that I was swatting at a wasp, and I slapped my wife irl. She judged me a little bit over what I did to her in that dream.
  7. You're not supposed to eat real cigarettes. You probably couldn't tell the difference though, seeing as you can't actually smell the difference.
  8. stalker. or maybe body snatchers. depends on how often they like posts from other fackbookers. if it's a lot, probably just a stalker. if it's never, not once...definitely body snatchers.
  9. wife took a bit to get used to it, but she pushed thru. i watched and helped with problem solving. turned into a really, really good game. don't give up.
  10. it's the testest test that ever tested.
  11. taking a break from setting up the boys' new gaming studio. bless their hearts, they gotta have them plushies.
  12. so if daddy loses his job, does his free rent go away? yes? then it's not free. it's compensation for services rendered. just part of the paycheck. he's trading labor for rent.
  13. yes. it sounds like dumpster diving. which is where this shit belongs, btw; dumpster fires.
  14. jimmy dean sells hog nuts now? interesting.
  15. Turbo Fire Pizza. Horrible branding, great product. It's a local-ish outfit that started as a restaurant, and they pivoted to selling their pizzas frozen during covid. We approached them about letting us cook & sell them in the bar and they said yes.
  16. so packard likes to eat roasted testicle medallions with cheese. k.
  17. probably eating a frozen bar pizza for lunch. it's order day and i won't have time to go pick anything up. the good news is, these might be the best frozen pizzas i've found in 20 years of being a frozen-pizza aficionado.
  18. ok so i lied. here. https://v.redd.it/6gbtski2un371
  19. [as] has recognized it and responded. no, i don't have a link to it. just trust the post, ok?
  20. hungry af, but this backwards-ass town only has one open restaurant on mondays. not that i'm opposed to mexican food, but there's not a lot of options on their menu that fit my diet. oh well, fajitas it is.
  21. shit guys. i hadn't looked at my precious metals portfolio for a few weeks. silver's UP! that's gonna end this ridiculous cashless push, no doubt.
  22. you can mail them to me and i'll venmo you $3 apiece.
  23. til you try to spend them ... anywhere. ya fuckstick.
  24. i was gonna call him carl, but meh. gotta pop that warning points cherry sooner or later.
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