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  1. The outdoor bar is shut down til May. And the Jeep loves this snow
  2. we got around 18" a couple weeks ago, probably the same storm that dumped on you in these pics. that vehicle on the left is a minivan. by the time the snow quit, there was enough piled up on the van to crack the windshield. i didn't even notice it til a few days later when i got around to cleaning it off. we got 8+" of snow again yesterday. and they're saying there's another storm coming next week that could dump another 1-2 feet. i'm over the snow.
  3. shit, we're up to like 14" and counting.
  4. there's no way that fucker saw his shadow in this state this morning. he probably couldn't even dig his ass out that burrow with all this snow.
  5. i showed wife the preview yesterday. we'll sit down sometime and get into it. glad it wasn't all hype!
  6. Not sure I've ever read another person (outside of a few critics) say anything nice about that movie. Her BADASS performance made me a lifetime fan. I don't really WANT to meet any celebrities because the reality is never as good as the image in your head, and famous people don't really do it for me anyways. But if I had to pick one to avoid, it would probably be that fucking cock drip Aaron Rogers.
  7. Matrix Resurrections 8/10 Some action scenes were weak, it was waaaaay too meta (I hate that word on principle, but this movie exemplifies the concept), and shit got dense. But the story is fun, it tugs all the nostalgia strings, and the new characters do an ok job of filling in the vacant slots. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. It's solidly the 2nd best film of the franchise.
  8. Just chillin in the ER, waiting for the wife to finish up her CT scan. Good times.
  9. I had expected this scene to end a bit differently: But otherwise, I'm not disappointed with what I've just witnessed. That whole Ed bit though, ... might be trying a little too hard there. I guess we'll have to wait for s02 to find out.
  10. wife finally talked me into joining her in playing dead by daylight. actually kinda fun once you no longer completely suck-ass at it.
  11. more or less, yeah. there's no ... gravy? ... sauce? ... not sure what word fits best there ... anyways, it's not as much liquid in a pasty as there would be in a shepherd's pie, but otherwise a pretty similar experience.
  12. wife made pasty tonight. as someone who ate it a lot as a kid up north and never gets the chance to eat it down here, i think she did a great job. my old uncle george would have been proud. so anyways, the amazing (bastardized from conrwall) wisconsin pasty: shortcrust pastry laid into pie platter fill with sliced potatoes, hamburger, tenderized round steak (cut in 1" cubes), sliced onions (all raw btw) add lots of butter...like at least half a stick, sliced salt & pepper to taste cover with another shortcrust pastry, pinch edges to make a pie bake at 350F for 90 minutes cut that baby up and serve it like a pie...with more butter some ketchup traditional recipes call for these to be made as a single-serving handheld meal, with the pastry being filled on only one half, then folded over and pinched to make a D shape. these could be packed out and eaten on the fly, which was great for the old lead miners of sw wisconsin. i like the pie version myself, because it just makes more and you don't eat with your hands.
  13. i was about to post this. avoided the entire series forever because that's a damn commitment. then i saw the movie and really enjoyed it, and heard people raving about how true it was to the books. so i went out and picked up the 6-book series. just started reading book 1 yesterday and it's good so far.
  14. Not gonna lie, I'd never read the books and I only watched the other Dune movie maybe one time. This movie has me hooked enough into the story that I bought the 6-book set.
  15. Looking fun. I'll be watching. But where's Ed?
  16. The new Dune A solid 4/5. Thought there'd be more tiddy. Turns out, no tiddy at all.
  17. Nope. It was an all-seasons PITA and it had to come down before it fell on any one of the 4 houses within striking distance. I'm also making half a dozen table tops from slabs I'm having milled from another giant limb. And I have enough firewood ranked up to get me thru two fire pit seasons.
  18. Finally put this tree on the ground tonight. Had to assert my dominance in case any neighbors were watching.
  19. So we started watching "Tokyo vampire hotel" tonight and ... I think the whole thing is taking place inside a giant vagina. Yeah, I understand how odd that sounds.
  20. i wanna say i bought something on ebay in like 2000 but i have no idea what that would have been at this point. can't imagine their records go back that far either, so oh well.
  21. people are still doing the whole quarantine thing? interesting.
  22. very much agree. linklater nailed his role as the preacher. those homily monologues just tore me tf up.
  23. The local spirit store moved into an empty slot in the mall this year. We were just in there today and it was kinda lame. None of the robotic decorations were set up, no haunted house thing, none of that. Just costumes, props, and decorations. Still better than anywhere else around though.
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