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  1. Happy Birthday and many more!:balloon:

  2. They wouldn't necessarily die off if released in the wild. They could find an ecological niche like licking the moss of rocks, or being by adopted by grizzly bears for anal stimulation which would become a food source by way of feces. If anything you should continue evolving the butt gerbil, to make it even better at its role. For example, there are genes you can splice in to make it glow in the dark. This would help the gerbil find its way. There are those that say genetic engineering crosses a line man wasn't meant to cross, its playing god and so forth, but those fools know nothing of progress. Like what are they so afraid of? A butt gerbil so advanced that it surpasses man as the dominant species on earth? Pffttt...when pigs fly!
  3. Trump is telling Florida to ignore military ballots. Happy Veterans Day.
  4. I predict Florida will be decided by the courts.
  5. I get real bad headaches and fevers if I go that long without release, but I feel that this boosts your testosterone and metabolism, so it has its benefits. By contrast, if I do nothing but masturbate for a month, it makes me quite lethargic. So I'll follow the middle path and only nut sometimes.
  6. I'm as communist as the next fellow, but I don't think rent control works. What economists routinely find is that landlords end up letting properties decay until they reach a value similar to what they receive in rent. Improving access to affordable housing is a major issue for me, but rent control isn't how you approach it. For one thing, you have scores of construction and zoning regulations that are designed to price people out of communities, because snobs don't want their property values lowered by being near "tiny houses" and because greedy industry lobbyists are working to put those provisions in place. We're manufacturing scarcity for everyone to increase profits for a few. Just like you're not allowed to scratch your own ass because the government wants to force you to pay $200 an hour to a licensed professional ass-scratcher. Such a nonsense system. Anyway, while I'm not all about rent control, I do support Section 8 and would support expansions of it, but this is a place where deregulation could get you a lot further.
  7. Malcolm X had a gun and it pissed off Republicans. Trump will likely draft an executive order to modify the 2nd amendment, oh they meant to say "The right of white male republicans to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Which is probably true...the founding fathers were dicks.
  8. Even though our wars are typically terribly misguided, the soldiers are just doing their jobs.
  9. That fellow had the most foolish opinion about marijuana I've ever heard.
  10. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people are not paying attention, and don't care to put their time and energy into investigating things. You know, the NPCs...
  11. According to CSI, we can get all this great information from forensics, but it doesn't really work out that way in practice. Imagine if you had a piece of clothing covered in sperm, then you would say oh that proves there was a sex act between the person who owns the piece of clothing and the person whose DNA matches the sample, but there's a million ways that fluid could have gotten on that clothing. Someone could have stolen the sample and planted it, the piece of clothing might have been left lying around and used to clean up by different partners, and so forth. So while you can collect all this forensic evidence, you're never going to get 100% proof positive. That's why courts instruct juries on different standards of proof, like preponderance of evidence or proof beyond a reasonable doubt. There's always going to be some chance that another narrative explains what happened. It seems plausible to me that an entire town could be in on a conspiracy. Like when Homer told Springfield to fake a natural disaster to get relief funds from the government. Though maybe some of these false flag accusations is someone there calling shenanigans, and the other 90% that isn't snitching calls him a paranoid nut job. This is also highly possible given the great amount of identity politics, where say all the Pollacks agree to accuse the transvestites of being in league with the French, or whatever. Or you have what's called the Rashomon Effect, where all the actors present during an event have different recollections of that same event, seen from each perspective. We have a crisis of metanarratives, because no one can be trusted as a perfectly honest narrator, and even if someone were trying to be perfectly honest, our perception of events is never perfect in the first place. I'm no Holocaust denier but a person could make as many false records as they wanted to, if they wanted to fake the holocaust, but again I'm not saying that I think that happened. As well, you know extraterrestrials can freeze time and move around whatever they want while time is frozen, so think about THAT! Extraterrestrials in league with the reverse vampires and the Rand corporation, of course. Also, George Soros is so rich that he has supernatural powers and mind-controls large groups of people that he never even met. Yep.
  12. I'm not one to support conspiracy theories, but it did occur to me that the IDF bombed Gaza the night before...and this didn't make it to the network news at all, as I watched all day and saw only coverage of the synagogue shooting. I sympathize with all the innocent victims in both of these attacks, of course, and I don't really believe there's necessarily a connection between the two. That is, the theory would be that the synagogue shooting is a diversion from the Gaza attacks, but there's no reason to believe this is true. Two unrelated events, motivated by different reasons, carried out by unrelated groups of people. That the network news ignored the Gaza bombings is nothing new, as attacks are so frequent that for decades they've been relegated to the scrolling news ticker. Certainly there are plenty of people who want to spin the news on all sides, every time an event happens, but I see no reason to believe there's any orchestration involved. The thing about the sociological context is this: we live in public, everybody talks to everybody, secrets are hard to keep, but truths are hard to prove. You know, that "plausible deniability" thing. At the same time, it is very possible for people to stage an attack...we could all mail pipe-bombs to ourselves and then blame it on the MAGA Bomber. It's no different than how a fraternity might play a prank, that any large enough group of people could pull off some magnificent hoax. This wouldn't be a centrally planned event, of course, but rather a local event created by a close nit group of friends. Imagine if you had the pyrotechnics, squibs, and paintball guns, and you were friends with several police and ambulance workers, you could fake an attack. I could imagine some small towns wanting to drum up tourism by drawing a bunch of news media in, right? Wouldn't that be hilarious. Anyway, my point is this: it is possible for hoaxes to occur, because we know of several hoaxes that have occurred, but there's usually little reason to presume as much. The post-modern sense is that history is a free-floating sea of perception and we can never really prove what happened in the past. We each have our own memories, and that's all we have to go on, "well I remember someone telling me that an event happened," and we do our best to discern the reliability of testimony we've been given, but in a critical sense we can't ever know for sure. Even a confession doesn't prove things, because people have been found falsely confessing to crimes they didn't commit before...seems foolish, but some situations might call for such a strange move. We even find that our memories themselves are notoriously unreliable, as we all re-write our old memories as we recall them, blocking out some parts and highlighting others, typically in an attempt to preserve our fragile egos. The conspiracist viewpoint is plagued by simply misunderstanding how human society functions. It is possible that a supporter of Israel could attack a synagogue in an attempt to buttress support for Israel, propaganda of the deed, what you would call a pro bono agent provocateur, which seems crazy because why kill people you support? Consider the Evangelists whose support of Israel is mainly due to Bible prophesies...they don't necessarily like Jewish people, but they feel Israel is where it's supposed to be right now. These things like false flag attacks and so forth...people really can do such things, and there have been events in history that are agreed by scholars to have been false flag attacks. We don't have to go around assuming every attack is such. Do we see the violent extremist as a missile launched from an entire political body? Political groups forge whether we have talk radio or not, because that's what people do--talk and form groups, and you can't destroy an idea, so there will always be new groups forming to bring it back. So they're saying this guy is a lone nut, just like Lee Harvey Oswald, but what the picture is more like--all people are nuts, they group themselves according to which kind of nut they are, so we have lots of groups of like-minded nuts running around, and every once in a while the nuttiest one in the bunch does something nutty. Government is one such gang of fools, operating in the very same manner. My point is this: we do need to think critically about whether we're being told the truth, because anyone can lie, but in most of these lone nut scenarios, at the end of the day the best way to see it is as a lone nut situation. I do not say bigotry is on the rise, it's Trumps fault, and so forth, because there have always been bigots, brooding and plotting, and it's just another thing society has to keep an eye on. So again, my heart and prayers go out to the innocent victims of the synagogue shooting and the bombing of the Gaza Strip, and I hope we stop the violence. I hope we can be sensitive to the fact that most attacks are not staged, they have real victims, and that these conspiracy accusations can become very hurtful to the survivors, at the same time as recognizing that we can never be certain about anything, and that plenty of governments have engaged in hoaxes, terrorism and so forth in the past, or the strategy of tension. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you.
  13. I'm making bacon right now! Cured, smoked bacon, imported from Poland!
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