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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Episode #43 - Entertainment District Arc Episode 10 "Never Give Up!" on Toonami Discussion!!!

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Ah hell the demon is already here.  He doesn't let you rest like other villains haha.

Leave Zenitsu stuck under the rubble.  Come on dude don't make that other villain mistake haha.

Dude you told her who she is?!

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Just now, ben0119 said:


lmao it actually knocked him down.

A poison kunai!  It was a ruse!

I can't imagine why Tanjiro is determined to decapitate you, asshole lmao.

What a combo! Tanjiro's patented headbutt and a poison kunai double shot!

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9 minutes ago, atomicinumatt said:

Speaking of annoying cinge baddies, this demon is one of them too haha 

Only this guy is an incel?  The perv dwarf guy totally gets laid, right? 🤣

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