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About Me

Found 83 results

  1. Well, Toonami's airing it again at 2:30 AM, so I guess we might as well discuss it! I GUESS we fuckin' deserve this...
  2. Next-to-last, sosu! Reg done fucked up now! How will a wonderfully feral childhood friend named Faputa make him PAY!? Find out tonight on Toonami at 12:30, sosu!
  3. Now that Vueko's backstory is over, it's back to present day with Riko, Reg, and the gang! ANYTHING can happen as they descend further into the Abyss and you don't wanna miss a second!! 12:30 AM the night of January 14-15, 2023, on TOONAMI!!
  4. No promo, because [as] is cheap. But these, on the other hand, DO exist: Catch the spirit at 12:30 AM tonight (12/17/22)! Only TOONAMI!!
  5. Uh oh... Reg's gone and gotten himself in trouble AGAIN!! 12:30 AM tomorrow night (12/30/22) Only TOONAMI!!
  6. Back into the Abyss we go!! Who is this mysterious "friend" from Reg's past? Find out tonight (12/3-4/22) at 12:30, ONLY TOONAMI!! [thanx junior]
  7. Further into the Abyss we go!! Episode #16 (Season 2, Episode 3): Village of the Hollows Bleach ain't got NOTHING on these Hollows! 12:30 tonight (11/19), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  8. Finally watching the movie now... Bondrewd is such a TROLL!! Now I know the new characters introduced in the first episode! We go beyond the point of no return tomorrow at 12:30 AM!! Only TOONAMI!!
  9. Welp, we made it. I mean, not all of us made it, both figuratively and in terms of our media consumption. But the continuation to Made in Abyss, undoubtedly the most interesting show on Toonami in 2022, is here, in spite of the whole "not being able to air the movie" thing. As opposed to S1, I'm going into this part blind, with my only guide being vague whispers of story elements from hollows inside and just outside my sphere of perception. I assume it'll be fun, but also traumatizing. So yeah, let's do this. 😃 And another thing: thanks to DST, I'll be able to get a normal amount of sleep tomorrow (relative to usual) even if I stay awake until 1:00A. So you know I'm gonna be watching this live, maybe dropping a stray comment or two here. No matter what happens, may all of our cups be filled with blessings.
  10. NGL, this one looks interesting... "Yeah, you're innocent, and I'm a honey badger!" Plz don't sue, Tyrann Mathieu!! Let's get galactic Feudal Japan style tonight at 12:30 AM, ON TOONAMI!!
  11. The Penultimate Episode of Season 2! Midnight tomorrow night (9/10-11), on TOONAMI!!
  12. I won't spoil anything, but trust me, it's a GOOD ONE!! Midnight tonight (8/27-28) on TOONAMI!! P.S., Adult Swim DID produce this sneak peek...
  13. Just who is Rion? Find out more about Kirinmaru's mysterious daughter tonight (8/27-28) at 12:30 on Toonami!
  14. If you haven't seen it, watch it tonight! This episode got back to the action, but it had a little of everything and a shocking final sequence! Midnight tonight on TOONAMI!!
  15. The battlefield is no place for a child! See more at 12:30 AM Tonight on TOONAMI!!
  16. Tonight, in about 7.5 hours, we get to see the scene heard below in the video! Don't miss it!!
  17. Episode #26 (Second Act Episode 2): Demon Spirit Of The Sea Well, apparently Takechiyo doesn't turn to stone after being rolled dizzy, so maybe she's not that dangerous?? Find out tonight at 12:30 on Toonami!!
  18. After that EVIL cliffhanger which kicked off Toonami in 2022, Moroha and Towa must continue the fight. Who knows what will happen next? 12:30 tonight, ONLY TOONAMI!!
  19. This episode is airing during Lent; seems to fit right in with the theme. Will we see Koro-Sensei actually go into a confessional? Find out tonight at 1 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  20. After the thrilling conclusion of Cosmo Samurai 2, it's time to think outside the box! 1:05-ish AM tonight (3/12-13/22), ONLY TOONAMI!!
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