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  1. Hm Since the slots are opening so soon, and given that they have not advertised anything to my knowing, I will assume that nothing new is going to replace MiA and Yashahime in the near future. So probably reruns. More OP or Naruto? Or maybe reruns of something else. In terms of what new stuff to expect later down the line, there is what we already know is coming, plus maybe getting some more Sentai stuff. And maybe a slim chance of something that CR is willing to kick down to us. I do not have much of an inclination though. And who knows, [as]/Toonami have been known to drop things on little news so maybe we will get something new right off the bat after both finales. In general, if we are most likely to get more Sentai content, then I would love to see something like Call of the Night. Urusei Yatsura is awesome too and I would love to see it on the Block. But those are just my hopes and not necessarily expectations. Just my thoughts.
  2. Here is what Phil had to say: Six more weeks of winter! We have a lot of weird traditions here in the States, but this one is the most perturbing to me haha
  3. Dude, the GWB handshake episodes is one of my favorite KotH episodes haha Hank obsesses over Georges flimsy hand shake.
  4. Fuck yes KotH and Futurama are amazing. Soo glad to have Beavis and Butthead back and now this!
  5. That was certainly one of the more.. stranger playoff games I have seen haha
  6. He does it to recharge. They even say it. And he loses his memory in the beginning when he fails to recharge before using his last shot. Give it a rewatch and judge for ya self. Not trying to sound like a dick or anything ahah I just always thought it was rather explicit about those two points. I guess not!
  7. Ido Front arc in the manga and Dawn of the Deep Soul for the anime. Nanachi even points out that the crystal circle on his helmet is a counter that counts down the uses of his incinerator until he is out of power. That is why he electrocutes himself and drains all of the facilities power. Have you seen the third movie? If not then definitely give it a watch because it is canon. EDIT and sorry about spoilers, I have been trying to discuss it based on things that have already been revealed!
  8. Lyza did meet him first. It is hypothesized that she is the one that sent him to the surface.
  9. That is what it is. He was down to his last incinerator shot. He used it to save Riko in the beginning of the story. He then was powered down until Riko electrocutes him and restores his energy. And by the way, when she did, it drained all the power from the orphanage, and at Ido Front it drained all the reserve power from the facility. So it is in fact a large amount of energy that he is being powered with. He lost hist memory because he lost all his power in the beginning. He did not want to use his last incinerator shot before finding his Haku, because he did not know what would happen (which is him powering down and losing memories etc.). We do not know why he did not try and restore his power before meeting Riko though. Maybe he was just unaware. But that is indeed how it is sosu.
  10. Guess Ill watch Primal tonight while I wait for the west coast run of MHA
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