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blade runner black lotus seems like it's too good for toonami


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and when i say that....I Mean It's promoted and propped up like this massive blockbuster series but then once it ends and transitions into say assassination classroom

it feels awkward....I Don't care as much for black lotus as some of the other stuff on toonami but that doesn't mean I don't see it as this dramatic hollywood like series

i do and that makes it's position on toonami bizarre when you look at what's around it

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It really doesn't and I straight up can't tell what you're actually complaining about with it. It's getting promoted, which hasn't really been excessive outside of the marathons? The show after it has a different tone and that confuses and infuriates you? The only significant thing about this series is its attachment to Blade Runner, but on its own merits it's a pretty bog-standard story with no real surprises and pretty unimpressive animation.

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6 hours ago, Top Gun said:

You are profoundly weird.

And not nearly as proud of it as I am with my weirdness.

Black Lotus also has a movie star cast, which you normally don't get for anime outside of Ghibli and Mamoru Hosoda films anymore, but that's as far as its "too good for Toonami" pseudo-designation goes.

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