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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Sofa King Kule

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I was born with a specific number of parts and pieces.  Look at the thumb on my right hand, for instance.

Unless there is an outrageous, life or death health reason to remove it, I will not pay or even ask to have that done.  How would I grab my coffee or thumb type the phone without it?



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4 minutes ago, resurrected said:

It's not like he's ever needed to use his dick, except to take a piss. 

He's one of those that has to hold his dick while he pisses. 

Like it's going somewhere. 

He even admits to not using his dick for anything.

Might as well cut the damn thing off.

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6 hours ago, discolé monade said:

exactly what this is. 

the 'entertainment news' has posted about elliot page. he must have caught wind. 


It's what he gets for wishing on a Monkey's Paw that the person from Juno would post a topless photo.


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