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Black Clover Page 128 Discussion!!

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1 minute ago, CountFrylock said:

EP130 will be uploaded tomorrow by funimation fyi

Which will carry us through at least 9/5, but I'll bet we'll have a couple more out by then at least. We MAY make it to Halloween before BC has to take another break at this rate! The Batman event kinda saved it!

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Just now, mochi said:

Pin de Marie Cuevas en Alice in Wonderland | Arte conceptual ...

I noticed a while ago, Diamond Kingdom must be a reference to this kind of diamond -




And now the Spade, and Heart Kingdom, and Heart Kingdom is ruled by a queen LOL.

So does this mean Clover Kingdom is the Club Kingdom?  Makes more sense to call this a clover than a club.  Wtf is a club anyway?  Never knew why it was called that.



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