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Hey I'm running a totally open-ended RP in the Games folder. This is an advertisement for that thread.


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1 hour ago, RainyDayJizz#35 said:

Perhaps sometime a Cheshire Cat will show up to ruin your day. I'm not always up for story time though, so that part is what it is.

Horse fucker


Edit: I just realized that the character I made for this last night is a centaur and I can't stop grinning.

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Hey we could definitely use some more players, just the three of us playing so far.

We've got a good quest hook started, but we're pretty well still in the "get to know your character" bit and there shouldn't be any problem jumping in at any point down the line, so lang as it makes sense with what we're doing.

Come on over we've got dwarven pirates and centaurs.

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