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Black Clover Page 125 Discussion

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Black Clover Might Feel Cliché, but It’s Still a Fun Ride

Page 125 - "Return"

Just as the name implies, Secre finishes up her long tale and we return to the main story! Don't miss it!

Tomorrow night (7/18) at 1:30



OP: "Black Catcher (Version 3)" by Vickeblanka


ED: "New Page" by Intersection



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May as well re-post these 2 posts for this new thread as it's still relevant, and not many seemed to have saw those posts in the last thread anyway.

Hmm, I just saw something I didn't notice in the OP every other time I saw it.  The character in the thumbnail IS in the OP after all.

There are a few flash teases -


Gordon's Addams Family and Charlotte's love confession LOL.  And I just saw the sleepy captain girl, but seeming kind of evil.  Why tease her when we already saw her?  Does she have different personalities between asleep/dream self and awake self?


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