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5 hours ago, cyberbully said:

Chuck Norris water....Because badass and fatass kinda rhyme.


I was this close to working for a place that made ads for this shit 😆. Figured they just made promos for health products based on the job posting, but when I went there, I saw posters of this energy drink strung along the walls along with photos of parties featuring the people that worked there next to Seagal at some promo party. 

They had me wait in the HR office for a solid half hour before they came in and said they found someone else. And this was after they invited me for an interview an hour after submitting the application online for that afternoon. Wonder how long it took the dude they hired to find something new, or if they had a long tenure at the company creating ads describing the heinous crimes that inspired Seagal’s energy drinks. 

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