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IGPX was Toonami's wannabe anime


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I really wish they would have stuck with the idea they had in the IGPX miniseries.  It would have been interesting to see a show based on that.

Yeah, I honestly enjoyed that little short much more than the full TV series.  Not sure if it would have held up if it was expanded like that, but still.

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While I can see why the microseries was better to some, I actually found it inferior to the full TV version. It was probably because the latter had slick CGI animation and more NINJA TUNE music, coupled with reasons relating to my multiversal headcanon of fictional anime ideas, but it was more likely the stronger orientation towards the kid audience, the occasional instance of sped-up animation, the utter lack of personality for Team Sledgemamma, and

the downer ending of bishounen Hamgra telling preteen Satomi that the latter's team members had to become cyborgs if Team Satomi chose not to pay them back for the weapons and ammo they borrowed

with the former that made me think that way.

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