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petition to rename this folder other anime


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So want Toonami to get the main folder and OA be a sub folder?


That would be terrible.  If anything it should be the other way around and OA should

be the main folder and Toonami be a sub folder.  I'm okay with the way it is though.


I already think of this folder as OA.  It would be nice if the Toonami posts like ben's were moved to Toonami

instead of staying in the anime folder.

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I think it's fine, but they need to police more on which threads should be moved to Toonami for being specifically about Toonami shows (Bleach, SAO, HXH, etc). It gets annoying to want to discuss newer shows of the season when all that's on the front page are threads that should be moved to Toonami and are specifically flooded with Toonami posters.

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