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  1. Same. It's so heartbreaking. I was hoping the treatments were going well. I know basically everyone deserves better than cancer but she especially did. Such a wonderful lady.
  2. I cannot believe how many times I had to listen to "upvote trolling" complaints when trying to mediate situations. Worst feature they implemented.
  3. So I took release day off, and the week after. I put in 95 hours and beat the story, now I'm going back and cleaning up on shrines and all the other things I didn't get. Probably around 60-70% towards 100% completion and I probably won't ever get all the Koroks because F that.
  4. I'm glad I could help in some way. That shit was no joke. I hope it doesn't bother you too much anymore. <3
  5. This list is amazing! The old babbling crowd.
  6. Never did but I had a post deleted once.
  7. I'm so terrible with names, but this thread is full of them. If you recognize me I would likely like and miss you <3 One person I know probably won't show up at all is Cowboyardee. Hope he's doing well.
  8. 1/20/2004. It was 11-something PM so east coasters saw it as 1/21
  9. Dang I'd've let him alpha male me so hard
  10. Well I mean...I did say my ex. I'm 80% sure you aren't him. 🤔
  11. He's allergic to cats unfortunately
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