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  1. I’m referring specifically to my experiences on social media with it. Yeah some of the people I see making these claims are younger but most of the ones I see are people around my parents age or older. Not saying that the younger ones aren’t doing it, just my experiences with it.
  2. Right, my bad. I forgot it's 2/3s and not a majority.
  3. What a week huh? I was at work when the insurrection happened. Later that night some of my pro-Trump family members totally bought into the belief that it was Antifa who did it. Those same people are conspicuously silent now the FBI said there was no evidence that Antifa was involved and everyone identified so far has a track record of MAGAism. I also have to laugh that Boomers are falling for the lie that a tattoo that's clearly from a video game is apparently the hammer and sickle. And the doctored photo of the shirtless Viking guy's stomach tattoo being the BLM fist. I'm actually pretty disappointed in gay twitter, since a lot of guys are thirsting on the shirtless Viking. Dude is out of his mind. The House will impeach next week and I'm sure Mitch will stall the vote in the Senate through the end of Trump's term, even though there's likely enough votes to convict this time.
  4. Unless he's paid to lose, Mayweather should mop the floor with the punk
  5. "I don't like your opinions so I'm gonna call you a name that can be perceived as evil so I don't have to address your points, but the strawman I created" Yeah it fits.
  6. This comedy skit has more credible evidence than any Republican conspiracy
  7. All these claims of cheating and not any claim being substantiated. Courts have yet to accept the lie that the election was stolen, including Trump appointees. When does the farce end?
  8. Surprising to nobody but the "election was stolen" conspiracy theorists.
  9. You're trying your best to believe something that isn't true. There must be a reason.
  10. I get it but I would rather have a safe bet and slow/stagnant progress than backwards progress with Republicans.
  11. And even then they don't fare the best at the ballot box. Again, this is mostly because of the current conservative advantage in the electoral college/Senate, and the Republican advantage with redistricting....which won't go away this decade either. I do have hope that our generation will bring about these changes but I think we will have to wait at least another decade.
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