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  1. I mean 3k after moving costs, but I am the sort to burn down my house and run. The 3k is your net to figure out life in your new city, if 3k can't get you going in a real place you have a plan for you're an idiot. I came here to stay with jez and taco with maybe 700 dollars. I'll tolerate some shit, so I found a place in two months. They gave me a damn car, which I could have maneuvered around, but I now hate BMW's. Anyway, if you're smart 3k can squeak you in. If you can't do it with five you should be shot. Especially untethered. All I know is you write these days, but if you find the right spot in Seattle you can find a job that pays okay in walking distance if you look fucking hard. So goddman hard. Housing can flip in days. There's an area of town I'm dying to live in but those houses get snatched up fast. Anyway, it's cheaper then you think if you weigh need appropriately. For me the majority was books and video games. And I wasn't inviting anyone here. I like this place. Some people like London. Figure out how to get to a region that makes you happy. I'm just all for it these days. Nebraska dragged me down. In a big city there are lots of smart people. But a whole lot more stupid ones.
  2. Fuck them. You fight, and fight hard. I dunno what you're fighting for, but if it feels worth it, fight. I gave up, but I'm old. It was too much time. Young people can fight. Punch them in the face with facts. Stare the man down and watch him buckle. Make them eat dirt. I exist in the shadows. Be my blinding light. Terrorize the earth. Make them see what good does. Circle the bad with a nice red marker. Set an example of what people should be, and do not waver. You post enough for me to know you are good. Being good is not easy. Being good is a fight. So fight and try to win. And if you don't win, you're still good.
  3. Beyond extreme power, I feel like claiming patriarchy is a fallacy these days. Women have the ability to claim as much power as men. It is a conditioned thing, but I feel like it's the thing that conditions women to grabbing poof's dick. She'll like it. It got hard, of course she likes it. It's the thing that creates the memes that transgender people are pretending. "They just want the power a woman has." I feel like most people here feel like they speak to a woman when they speak to poof. But many women would say she is an actor, playing the role of woman. Because many feminists play at the idea men and women are no different. But a transgendered person presents the idea our brains our wired differently, which I believe to be true. Through all my interaction with poof, she is a damn woman, just as annoying as the rest of them can be. The one difference in her personality is that she had to grow up In a man's world. Don't cry. Walk it off. Your knee is fine, finish running. I didn't want to say it at first, but transgendered women have it bad. I don't feel like brains are non-gendered. But to say that damages perceptions. Women can do anything a man can do. Can they analyze a complex social misgiving absent of any preconceived positions? These are all hard questions. And we all know men say, "fuck everything, bullet point the cause and effect." Women ask if she was on her period, did the guy find out his wife was cheating on him, did he need medication. Because beyond a woman acting out of character, did the man drive her to do it? We're geared to take fault. But many times we shouldn't. Everyone is accountable. And we should not make exceptions for gender either way. But we should also accept the consequences of our actions. I really hate to say this. But if a girl buys a bottle of vodka to chug for the night and fucks a football team, she made that choice. I reread this whole thing and I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. *post*
  4. Weird, never been there except to look at dilapidated cars when I was desperate so I dunno. I just saw it as an easy commute for the both of us and an affordable rent to give us the opportunity to build. But we can do that in La Mesa too. I just hate how hot it gets in certain areas. North San Diego county is fucking hot, just like the east. I'm plotting for midtown, but for now we shape things. Why do bipolar people expect instant results? She makes me nuts sometimes but I really love her. Her not apologizing for anything has bugged me, but today I realized she apologizes with a kiss, I think.
  5. Because most of the metoo movement involves modern feminists that staunchly believe in patriarchy and men controlling everything. As poof said, pointing to women's misbehavior doesn't fall in line with the cause. I have to man up and take it. Which I did. Honestly, it was innocent enough at first, but my boss got frustrated with me because I wasn't biting on her bait. She didn't spend a second thinking that I know what I'm looking for in a woman.
  6. I was actually thinking about living there in the near future because rent isnt too bad. But I do hear ultra north county is super white trash.
  7. Have you seen what I told nabs? Get 3000 dollars and make it happen. I dunno how your book thing works in your life, but you could go to a cheaper place outside Seattle if you want. Two hours away, make it a free time thing. Use that money and get the fuck out. Go be happy. Strive and scrounge so you can stop doing it and enjoy your surroundings. But really I wanted to post to say that San Diego falls Into that county designation. There are so many areas with different costs of living that saying San Diego is in the top 25 can be considered silly. It's higher than average, but you get paid here.
  8. This thread was from before I joined, but I remember it. I remember identifying with it because I thought about making a Twitter just to piss off the metoo idiots. "When I was in college I lived in a majority female city. My supervisor thought I was a catch and decided to try and set me up with young women from her church. Since Facebook was just beginning it devolved into an unconscionable probe into my life, stalking me at every place outside my house, and workplace harassment to the point i had a nervous breakdown when i had to man up and crash it, and find out how big it was in the process. And all these women that thought they cared for me had not a word to say. #metoo" But fuck all of them. Lots of people are shit, lots aren't. I'm not sure I can identify the struggle. I have to man up. Poof has to man down. Pansexuals man sideways. People just need to be decent to each other. Being young and dumb is one thing, but there's a line you cross into becoming amoral. There were many people in my experience I saw break away because of morality. Women that knew I didn't need help finding women. Gay men that could immediately tell I wasn't gay. Omaha culture is drunk fucking into a relationship. I felt taken advantage of a couple times, but I only use the term rapist in something of a joking connotation. I put myself there, and only once did it feel wrong. I was like, "I'll just make out with her a little and bail." But within two minutes I was naked. But I put myself there, through a series of muddled decisions. That situation, it is what it is to me. It doesn't hurt me because I understand it. I knew that girl had feelings for me forever, but she was okay to talk to and i went to her house. Friendly shit to a drunkard twenty something. I don't understand plotting behind a person's back. Getting to someone by deception. Taking advantage. Especially in poof's case with that director. It's not cool. She shouldn't have done that. Even with a million despites. "It was porn, she was directing," she wanted to put poof's cock in her mouth. I always forget where I'm going in these long posts. The point is, most people suck.
  9. But you take away all the drugs, and only outlaws will have drugs. Oh wait, I meant to say that no one gets drugs that are illegal. The government keeps them out. The same government that memed the OP.
  10. Local industries in every one of those cities: checkout clerk, waitress, busking.
  11. Not surprised, I didn't have much interest until you mentioned the girl from Boys Town. I've mostly been thinking about similarities and wondering how likely it is all the same people are still involved. I can easily believe there's more than one group of rich people raping children... Anyway I'll give that a listen. A potential conspiracy unfolding in the days of camera phones and digital backups is pretty intriguing.
  12. Ok, so today I saw the series of errors that resulted in his death. Prison was understaffed every guard overworked. Epstein was moved into a cell with another inmate after release from suicide watch, as is protocol. Soon after, that inmate was moved somewhere. Epstein should not have had access to anything he could kill himself with, unless he hung himself with his jumpsuit. So if anyone knows the method, I'm curious cause I've yet to find out. But hanging is most common, I imagine from the sink or toilet (probably not, I don't think jail toilets have a tank) since it was stated his cell had a steel door with only a window, and the beds are flat steel slabs attached to the wall. Relevant questions, who was the cell mate and what did he do? If not the guards giving him the means (plenty of guards can be bribed quite easily) would the other person in the cell? Leaving an item behind, or Epstein could have asked for it from him and there is no conspiracy. But should this other prisoner have an opportunity for early release, or be killed in prison, that's something interesting. If it was a life there's no way of knowing cause you can buy a lot from them with an 8 ball of coke. What I'm more interested in right now are the whereabouts of Ghislane Maxwell. It's said she's in London with no fixed address, but we found Saddam Hussein in a damn hole. So if she isn't sought out or found, and never turns up, I wonder what the angle is there. She could just be left to her own devices, or she's already dead, or she's in a dungeon underneath Buckingham Palace. The most coincidental part is this suicide almost immediately follows the unsealing of his previous settlement, wherein the Israeli Prime Minister, Prince Andrew, and a bunch of other heavy names were kept under wraps. There's a bunch of thoughts I have about this possibly being the same group as the one pilfering Boys Town in the 80s, or a tangential group, but I'll leave that alone for now. Because if that's the case, I wonder where they're getting the young boys from and why I haven't heard about any. Was there any evidence of young boys around? I can only look around so much per day, this shit is taxing.
  13. Replace "hard drives" with "heads of witnesses or their families" and that will be an accurate representation of how our betters handle matters of this nature. The hard drives will disappear. If you look up "CIA love trap" they have the information on their website regarding some of the spy tactics used. I got burnt out on this stuff today so I just skimmed, it didn't seem to mention the application of honey pots for the purpose of creating spies with blackmail evidence. I have trouble believing the CIA would stand by and allow the exploitation of children though. Do you see all the trouble I'm having? So much trouble.
  14. That sounds familiar too... Not sure if this is the documentary I watched, but it's the right people involved. During my digging I saw things saying that this has been going on since McCarthy, and part of his aim was intimidating the ring blackmailing him. I think it said he was known for groping underage women while drunk. I try and focus on stuff with real evidence when I dig like this though, it's too easy to get caught up theories and unverifiable testimony, you might call it. Anyway, it's an hour. Gonna watch myself, because this might be a very old thing with guys like Epstein there to fall on the sword. Just read an article where some kids said they were brought to Bohemian Grove, so that fun conspiracy is mixed in as well.
  15. Is this the old Boys Town thing from the 80s? I saw a documentary about that a long time ago, I was looking into cults and things of that nature a long time ago. The three kids that came forward all wound up dead, and since they were all orphans nobody fought for independent autopsies or anything like that. All I remember is the big witness that came forward died of a heroin overdose very suspiciously. He testified about private planes and the guise they were moved around under. Because there are parents at Boys Town, but I feel like a lot of them do it for cheap or free housing. They're nice places. I could never look at Boys Town the same after seeing it, that statue of Father Flanagan surrounded by kids... They should have put up a fat man in a suit leering across the street rubbing his hands or something. Omaha is a dumping ground for America's shit. Remember that goofball movie My Blue Heaven? Oh Rick Moranis was so funny. Steve Martin's character was Henry Hill, Ray Liotta in Goodfellas, and the shit unnamed city (Fryburg?) it took place in was Omaha. That crime ring he formed in Omaha with all those other mobsters actually happened. I knew a kid who was there as a result of Omaha dumping in the 80s. Traded ditchweed for cocaine with the mafia and testified for a very comfortable life of running a company and some apartment buildings. Don't know which was the gift and which he worked for. Our government will cover up everything it wants. If this is the same thing, it's been going on through six presidents now, because I do not believe anyone stopped paying orphans for their orifices.
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