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  1. Is there a group for guys who like getting their dick sucked and being left alone? I'm pretty certain this is my fetish.
  2. I'm glad you were able to come clean about it but I still have no clue about your old name, nor do I remember what this get-together was. Or if it was even an event and not just all the east coasters hanging out since y'all drive an hour and you're at one of five major metropolitan areas.
  3. Do some tricks, that is the code of ethics. Or do an impression of a person with severe handicaps and make everyone around uncomfortable.
  4. Took a nap, just picked up Boo and now I might fool around on the Switch. Lazy days...
  5. It's an inanimate carbon rod! Like I said, you have little reason to remember me. I just saw you around.
  6. You may remember me as mgs or Musket, or not at all. Didn't post in the haiku thread more than a couple times, but that thread was so slow you could see who still did it.
  7. As you can see I've matured at a far more rapid pace than most. I'm no one to remember, I just remember you keeping the haiku thread alive and posting interesting things from time to time. We didn't interact much outside of topics of common interest. It's just fun to see oldfaces. And I thought Sharktopus was duz, but I guess I misread that. I suppose I can be thoroughly disappointed until klipsey shows up, but she probably has a whole life happening. There are lots of fun people that could show up but what's left to talk about? So many of us spent our twenties bullshitting all night with people that had common interests and that's all. Conversations went everywhere. It's like running into old friends that went different directions in life. You see each other and it's like no time passed at all. But when you leave you know if you never see them again you know who you are to each other.
  8. I used to stay up all night doing those papers the night before... since third grade. By middle school I was doing it in the class before, and by high school I just quit doing it. Then I got to college and a lot of the time written work wasn't important but for a few things. It's a bad habit though. If you get your work done early you have so much time to fuck around, the same time you spent fucking around before you did it usually. Although I did have one paper on Reimann that was impossible to write. He was a really private guy that wrote a lot of complex math. He was married and had children. That is everything known about him.
  9. So you're that other deadhead? Figures you'd change names on people... And muse, haven't seen that name in ages.
  10. I know what you mean. Zelda has a sword in Twilight Princess. I think that's sufficient.
  11. These live on your face. They are harmless and one of our symbiotic relationships, unless you become infested.
  12. I'm not telling her anything. Just laugh.
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