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  1. Definitely shocking. I dont want to react with immediate sadness though tbh. After Robin Williams i saw that not all celebrity suicides are depression related - at his age he might have been diagnosed with something like Parkinson’s, cancer, etc and just didn’t want to live in pain. It’ll be interesting to see if more news breaks on this.
  2. I had some advice until you said he was a musician. There's no advice for dating those sorry girl.
  3. I was a great student when we dated but I basically flunked out my first semester of sophomore year and got mixed grades freshman year.
  4. I still don't want to believe I'm ADD but I wish I had been on a real stim when I was younger (like Ritalin) instead of Focalin bs. Maybe I would have actually gotten decent grades in HS if I had a real stim.
  5. I thought you knew I took Focalin from age 12-15. But I decided to try out a stim again at 18, was put on Vyvanse then my insurance stopped covering it a few months later. Been on Adderall since then.
  6. I wish I had just joined. I feel like VP is a lot of responsibility and I just don't want to disappoint anyone.
  7. You got it, but I'm not letting you claim any "work expenses" buddy.
  8. Am I the only one that prefers being an adult? Bills suck but I can drive to the grocery store and buy beer and ice cream if I want... I mean I never do, but at least I have the option.
  9. I took too much Adderall (that's an Rx, you miscreants) and sent an email saying I was interested a month ago, and the president emailed me back asking me to write a short essay on why I was interested. Then the Adderall wore off and I just figured I've got too much shit to do, as is. And I never wrote the essay, lol. Anyway I found out today I've been inducted ::: And I have to go to a ceremony and everything. And show up for the weekly meetings for the next semester. Meanwhile I'll spend like 30 minutes on a cover letter for each job application and never hear back. I mean it's Psy Chi so it looks good on a resume but still... I wish one of these paying positions would respond to me.
  10. Can't get unemployment if you're a student or if you had the job WHILE you were a student in my state :\ But yeah idk if I'm even that desperate anyway.
  11. It's only part time 11/hr work and I've almost finished my degree with an internship to boot. And it's food service, so it fucking sucks. But should I stay until I find a new job? I'm just worried that I'll have to explain to a potential new employer that I quit. Is that really so bad that I should stick it out?
  12. Everyone on this forum has mental health problems..
  13. He'd be a cool guy if he weren't up his own ass. He's p clever and attractive and I definitely admire people who don't subscribe to the idea that numbing yourself is a requirement for adulthood, but yea he's not humble in any way.
  14. a lil late but the CIA also sponsored abstract art in the 60's to fight communism
  15. :barf: I can't be the only one who hates NYC, right? I also live in a New Yorker-dense spot in CT so we get mad run off of New Yorkers and they're some of the worst people I've ever met and it's bc that city is a toxic cesspool. Excuse my diatribe.
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