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  1. You'd think, but of course, the baseball can be used as a projectile. (Then again, so can a baseball bat. However, you have more time to dodge a bat than a ball thrown at nearly a hundred miles per hour.)
  2. Bummer. Hang in there. (And yes, get your money and eat!)
  3. "Huh huh. I, liek, totz worked out, yo."
  4. Well, players on the Lakers, Nets, and Celtics have all tested positive for COVID-19, including Kevin Durant.
  5. The new league year starts a 3pm Eastern time so we could go ahead and close this thread down and start a new one.
  6. Good. Hopefully, we as a country will have gotten a better handle on the situation by then. This thing has spiraled out of control.
  7. Not sure, but until the virus is beaten back, it may end up being the right thing to do, especially when you consider the fact an active player tested positive for it. (But we shouldn't worry too much. Only the elderly and the very young are most at risk, as well as those with weakened immune systems and other underlying health issues. Though of course, I pray for everyone's well-being throughout this ordeal.) Jazz player Rudy Gobert tests positive for COVID-19 virus, prompting suspension of NBA season until further notice. (They buried the guy's name in the story.)
  8. Do you sometimes wish you were the driver? (God, I hate this song.)
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