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  1. What are you using as the bath water? Pimp juice?
  2. I'm up for it. Will this be an ESPN or Yahoo league?
  3. The real question is why should I care about a sucky band like Slipknot? I want more Stone Sour, dammit! (Yes, I know they're fronted by the same dude.)
  4. I did, too. I fixed a t-bone steak, some homestyle potatoes with bacon and cheese, and green beans. Leftovers are gonna be lit, yo!
  5. Only because he was born In London, England. He's Canadian by blood (both his parents are or were Canadian), British by birth.
  6. Nope. She's right. http://mentalfloss.com/article/91177/how-our-eyes-see-everything-upside-down
  7. You must say that to all the keyboard warriors. Should I get my Braveheart warpaint ready for you? Or perhaps a duel is more to your liking?
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