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  1. Because you're you, and I think you're awesome.
  2. Yes, even if it involves blowing out my eardrums. lol (I can deal with not being able to hear for a little while. Certain people's voices are annoying. Yours is cool though.)
  3. Likewise. *hugs back* Now go have fun with distorted. He's a cool dude.
  4. Don't forget about listening to Porcupine Tree.
  5. Okay. I'm seriously gonna go to bed now. Got some stuff to do in the morning before work. Later.
  6. Oh, okay. Also, I like turtles! And mittens. And pie! Wait. What?
  7. You must be a sadomasochist. That would explain so much.
  8. I think the fact you insist on constantly coming back to a place where people sending you disgusting gifs says more about you than it does us. But what do I know? I'm just a guy who identifies as a sentient tree wanting to sprout leaves on my hands but I clearly can't because deep down I know I'm still just a human.
  9. *checks with Mills Lane* He said he'll allow it. lol
  10. Maybe that's the angelic voice I hear on the track I'm listening to right now? How did you travel back in time and befriend Steven Wilson?!? O_o Also, I forgot I already told you about my love for sunflower seeds. Sorry about that.
  11. I'mma go over here and space out for a little while. Night.
  12. Oh, I understand. I feel the same way about sunflower seeds. I eat too much, but I can't get enough of them.
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