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  1. Wait 10 years until we know whoever the hell is ... He sounds menonite. I wasted my time asking him if he was a new because I saw you guys here sounds like the normal way of asking if everyone wanted them so you're going to even pay attention but he doesn't even know how to use the site he might not get an answer for 14 hours so don't just all of a sudden make fun of it he has no idea what the hell he's even talking to people about but who is he already...asking a mother f*** so
  2. You are a noob? RU Noobie SRSLY?
  3. The story is that eight super intelligent from another world that we knew existed birch trees a set of eight gathered around one little area in the woods and killed a bunch of maples and we can write sci-fi s*** with this guys I'll talk to you later I'll send a picture now
  4. Hey, so it's been a while since I asked about the UEMB Twitter.. I want a legit reason we can take some of the older users left wondering what ever in the hell is wrong, self ban our aliases, and join Twitter under our real identities. To kind fuck the arguing and shit and just take care UEMB memberships public on twitters clock. You know? Tally it out
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