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  1. I can’t help it if it’s a very unoriginal answer.
  2. There a human equivalent or are we just rocking on like this? More power to you if so.
  3. Ugh. No. This is a very serious thread for serious people.
  4. You are a gentleman and a scholar. An update from the last thread: it happened. It’s still happening.
  5. Pull their hair and run just kidding. Don’t do that. It perpetuates a negative behavior pattern
  6. This is a surprisingly common answer
  7. Who you lusting for? They know? Is a secret?
  8. Just over a year ago I made this thread, it went: Who’s consuming your thoughts? Got you ignoring red flags? Who you thinking bout right now? They know? They famous? That’s boring. They live down the street? They on the boards? They bag your groceries? Why haven’t you told them? They married? YOU married? You need to be talked up? You need to be talked down? Name them. Or don’t. Just think about them and post it. I wanna hear what’s in your fuckin heart. Your stupid stupid beautiful dumbass heart. Well? Spill it
  9. How’s his self esteem? Seems like a mixed bag with that guy.
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