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  1. How’s his self esteem? Seems like a mixed bag with that guy.
  2. Oh man this one time a counselor walked in on me taking a shit
  3. That’s ok man cuz I like the abuse. How you doin? Are you “ok”? What direction you headed in? Are you happy with it? Why? What makes you happy? If you were a stonk do you feel like you’d be rising? What’s your plan? I wanna be invested in you, you sack of shit
  4. Get your ass back here and love me, you son of a bitch
  5. I hope things work out for you.
  6. Googled her. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of competition for that “tech kitten”
  7. I like my celebrity crushes to be lesser known. I’m out here crushing on Olympic weightlifters and climate journalists. Popular in their field. who you like?
  8. Be careful. Might fuck around and get your cherry popped.
  9. I was asking as a way of discerning whether or not she is a laid back kind of person or an energetic, extroverted kind of person. you have to wait until January? Damn.
  10. These guys are like a Halloween themed Violent Femmes
  11. Yeah, I know there’s a music folder but those guys are jerks. I only care about you. And in this thread, on this board, there shall be music. The devil’s music. And dancing. The forbidden dance. The kind in Footloose and Lambada and all the cool revolutions. Right now I’m on the Gorillaz playlist and letting it go random. It’s ok. Mostly mellow synth pop hip hop. It’s nice for background. I get why people enjoy. I’m not burning down any police stations in their name or anything but it’s good. Also, as ever, Daft Punk - Alive 2007 on repeat. I would burn down several police stations in honor of this album. So what are you listening to?
  12. A real life boy or a famous one? Did you know their country’s motto is “I Will Maintain”? Very close to “Keep On Truckin” imo and that’s kinda cool. edit: Also, kinda like “I Will Survive” and that’s just good marketing.
  13. She seem more like an indica or a sativa? When is the next time you see her?
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