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  1. Wow newyear! New anime! Just stared Also i added last week since i missed it
  2. Bleach just started watching all week Come watch with me! https://vaughn.live/animelemonade
  3. As per usual My list starts every Sunday at 12 ct https://vaughn.live/animelemonade Come join me! And discuss
  4. Just starting my day Sunday that is! Come watch with me https://vaughn.live/animelemonade
  5. Akiba maid Sensou ep 7 on now Animelemonade https://vaughn.live/animelemonade
  6. It runs twice. Just incase i miss a show. Chainsaw man ep 5 On now
  7. Here is my Sunday list! Starting at 12 Watch with me https://vaughn.live/animelemonade
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