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  1. Go freedom train go!! I still hope all of us can go riding in it. I'm picturing the ice cream truck in the video for "today" by the smashing pumpkins when i think of this
  2. Basically it's when we're biologically the most fertile
  3. Well it's wierd, a much younger coworker told me i look like I'm "straight out of 1992" because of my bell bottoms, he even referred to them as "bellbottoms" and not "super flaires" as they were called late 90's. I was gonna mention the 70's era but thought better of it lol. Just funny he knew the term but not the origin.
  4. I dunno how to feel about that lmao Oh also, my knees pop like a lot, and if I sleep funky (like laying on one side too long) then my day is crap. However i do like this teen generation so far and that the 90's style has made full circle. I knew it would come back. So I'm able to find bellbottoms now which is so choice.
  5. Honestly? Going through that 30's 40's ish stage as a female. The sex drive increase makes me feel like a perv
  6. Billie jean is literally the first song you hear on vice city next they'll limit the amount of vehicles you can spam at once so i won't be able to launch grenades at massive piles of cars...
  7. when you do your taxes, under the ethnicity section check the box beside "other." That should cure it
  8. Lasty i haven't seen that avatar in a hot minute ^.~
  9. But look at you now.. Big steppa
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