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  1. Also, I'll add that the roomate who gave me this decided to pack up and leave. He even cut off the power to the house. I sent him a text that if he plans on evicting me, that he's going against tenant laws, and I'm not going to mess with the breakers. My power is back on now
  2. It's actually not bad. Just different... I mean. It's not good, but the food thing sucks. Oh and the heavy breathing, but that's my fault cuz i'm a smoker lol... Sorry, got to make jokes to cheer up
  3. The medicine they gave me is "Molnupiravir" 200mg, take 4 two times daily. And "Benzonatate" 100mg take 2 three times daily... they also gave me Flonase but I don't really need that lol
  4. Oh and the taste smell stuff exists. I crave food but don't really taste it. And the onion thing is very real for me at least. I had some soup with onion, didn't bother me at first until half way finished with it. I had to put the whole bowl outside and I cut on my scented oil lamps. It seemed like it took hours for the smell to go away.
  5. It's wierd... like trouble breathing at times. I was at work when I developed symptoms. It happened really fast for me. In my job I have to talk a lot about phone plans, specs, etc so I found myself needing to catch my breath a lot. Everything started with my eyes feeling dry. My roomate was sick and he got through it okay. So I figured I'd get sick as well. I just didn't expect how fast it came about. I've been sleeping a lot, i haven't even needed my insomnia meds to sleep. I have had some hallucinations, like auditory ones, I thought my dad was calling me (my dad died in 2015). And my head hurts a lot. I know it seems counterintuitive that I'm on here and able to type this out, but I'm honestly glad you asked. I've been alone the past few days and it really sucks. Sometimes i feel like I'm in a dream. I wake up sometimes out of breath but the doc gave me meds. I dunno what they do, but I'm taking them lol. When i get a minute I'll post what the meds are. Oh and my roomate didn't go to a doctor, so I thought it was just a cold. I went to the doc and found out I had it.
  6. This isn't Fallout. Oh wait. I do have a bunker but the water is full of rads
  7. That's sad. I'm sad now. So sad... it's sobering.. Boom bah dit boom
  8. He was alright. Nothing like the ISS teacher I had that let me do whatever. He even gave me his book. Memoirs of a Geisha
  9. https://youtu.be/waoht6xMSgw
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