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  1. The home was always the prime institution for preparing the individual for later institutions.
  2. This entire thread is sarcastic, right?
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007JZ1MK6 Goodbye, particles!
  4. You can't post a meme. You can only post its avatar. That's like saying "post shibboleths."
  5. This is just some protofascist trend that's going to be used by real fascists to take away our freedoms, isn't it? EDIT: No swearing under G*d's roof!
  6. You should try out those copper bowls you rub with a cloth-covered stick. Those are pretty metal.
  7. How did a thread about PC support and help turn into yet another frothing consumerist circlejerk? At least bring a fucking biscuit next time.
  8. Keep checking slickdeals daily and look forward to black friday. In the meantime, image your drive with ddrescue if it's mission-critical.
  9. flcl_grim


    It's not love if they can't love you back.
  10. flcl_grim


    You clearly don't understand the point of drug abuse. It's about pissing off the neighbors.
  11. flcl_grim


    No, it doesn't count if you smoke the edible.
  12. That fucker made off with your commas! Quickly borrow a couple of mine and use them wisely because everyone's going to have to suffer for us to get through this.
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