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  1. At least you know you're not top banana
  2. I agree. Jack is a good banana. I can agree he is top banana.
  3. Ha ha! You have a bigger responsibility now!
  4. Nah, you seems soft and squishy. You are an old banana. You might be good in a banana bread.
  5. The top banana is the best banana. As you go through the bunch, the bananas get mushy. The best banana, the top banana, is the first one, the freshest and most ripe. Who is top banana?
  6. I happened to have this post opened with my gf around. She loves your kitty.
  7. Quite a bit actually. I enjoyed the bands, I moshed, talked with people nearby, had fun, then went home.
  8. Nah. Not tonight. I wish I had a witty comeback here. I don't. I'd wish you a good day, but I don't want to ruin the day.
  9. Number 1, no, and number 2, I wouldn't trust you to pay up. How someone even let you into their home is unfathomable. Is it to late for your parents to abort you?
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