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  1. Yeah I probably should have said Drake before Ben Simmons actually.
  2. Seems like a weird lame dude whose antics are funny to laugh at but I wouldn't know what to say to him irl and would probably be kind of a bummer to hang out with right now since all his teammates and most of the team's fans pretty much hate him for trying to force a trade despite no team really wanting him.
  3. Hello can I get a response? Are the two people on staff busy?
  4. He briefly returned last year @westpark
  5. Nabreezy

    Official AEW thread

    Looking forward to the day Luchasaurus gets frustrated and rips out Jungle Boy's spine on live tv
  6. If the can isn't punctured I'm sure it's fine. It's just probiotics at this point
  7. I never beat Turtles in Time alone or even tried to do so. It was always with someone else on controller 2. Throwing the guys at the screen one after the other over and over
  8. Nabreezy

    Official AEW thread

    Worried every day they're going to let Jack Evans contract expire because of all the botches. Trying to predict the lineage of the world title from here is pretty difficult. Obviously you'd expect Bryan, Punk, MJF and Wardlow to all hold it at some point in the next few years, but for how long and who else. Team Taz guys? Hard to see Christian ever winning the world belt now, but Jeff Hardy..... I would actually like to see a Samoa Joe beats everyone AEW speed run. Let's literally just have half the card straight from 2005 ROH. I like Bobby Fish's energy but don't care about this NXT faction reboot, these guys feuding with the YB over friendship and whatever seems lame and clownish.
  9. Nabreezy

    bah gawd

    That's just regular Hillary shit these days
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