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  1. He should've just gotten one big mansion so he'd never have to worry about buying another one ever again
  2. Oh come on pat, are you serious? For fuck's sake.
  3. Sorry but The Old Wacky will continue to live on in my memories of threads from forums past, good buddy.
  4. Nabreezy

    The NBA Thread

    Optimistic about this happening, or how it would go if it happens...?
  5. Look upon my rewards, ye flighty, and despair It is not yet too late to make the honest promise to a month that reverberates across lifetimes
  6. He definitely does reek of being that type, but from what I gathered while searching "verpetas" seems to be a word in some foreign language so I don't think him googling that or 'whelp' or the name of a colonial governor is going to turn up this thread very early on in any list of search results, and anyway I see that he still at least occasionally communicates with people involved with UE (well the UE discord at least) so he's likely known about this place for awhile now and has chosen not to post here. If this little late nite thread gets back to him and he decides to show up then that's more on whoever shows it to him imo. As for whether I want to draw him here, hard to say. It isn't my intention, but it was really funny seeing him break character when he revealed his exorbitant income while describing himself as being just an "average Joe" (his term) who still has a mortgage and a daycare bill and a household budget during the course of a discussion about why income inequality is ackschewally not a problem at all in America (his position, and in a bizarre attempt to support it he mentioned having recently had lunch with Ezra Klein who he claimed also didn't think it was an issue, lmfao) I remember @wacky1980 responding basically like - "come on man, maybe you're not rich-rich but raking in $600k a year hardly makes you an average Joe" -- extremely funny shit. But nah it's been what like 5 years, I don't expect him to show up here now. There's more than enough right wing trash around *everywhere* -- at least his oblivious clownshoes-ery makes me laugh sometimes.
  7. I don't know how to even begin doing this, but your tone almost makes me feel like you think I should be worried for some reason about flipping over this rock? Let me assure you that as a veteran ogreslayer I fear no goblin.
  8. That post reminded me of buddytrek's babbling right before his last car accident, but she quelled any concern I may have had with her follow-up post. It is quite late, a fine time to not be sober, all seems well.
  9. Westpark asked me if I knew anything about him when we were talking earlier this summer after he returned and it got me thinking. Idk why I picked tonight to try to search for him, but it wasn't hard. I've found the internet presence of more random people than that after their screen names popped into my head for no reason, years after having last seen them on a screen.
  10. The internet is a weird place, lot of weirdos on here for sure, yes.
  11. Fuck Gov_William_Bradford and the ship he sailed in on.
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