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  1. It was the "you have yourself a great day" bit.
  2. I've been watching Kyle Hebert mostly. He's a really cool guy and his streams have been very entertaining.
  3. I think I lost a follower because of it XD!
  4. They have the power to start and stop everything. I mean they could end it all. Broken much?
  5. I've been watching Kyle Hebert stream on Twitch lately and he recently made Affiliate. So I made this stupid video to congratulate him.
  6. Don't turn up your volume. It's not worth it.
  7. Back when I was an edgy teen I thought it would be cool to spell chaotic different. It stuck with me ever since.
  8. Oi dair Chicken Chase-a!
  9. Beezchorgor? This place has 76 different flavors. Although most are combos of existing flavors. Like "Ugly" is just hot sauce and honey bbq with bacon bits. It was my other choice.
  10. Sounds interesting.
  11. Cabbage Meats! Snail Bites!
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