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  1. She keeps saying that, but what does it mean? Like cracked upside the head? She is swinging a bat after all. Silly Prinny girl. I'm playing Disgaea 4 btw.
  2. I'm actually kinda envious of those boots xD. I was a closet goth in high school.
  3. I'll take your money pal, but that's just unprofessional!
  4. Kehotik

    I deed eet!

    More like fun fair!
  5. Sometime in June of 07 as Overlord_Lambda. 10_11_11 as Kehotik_Angel
  6. Kehotik

    I deed eet!

    You're not wrong. Disgaea 5 is just a polished version of 1-4. Never played any of NIS's other games, but from what I've seen they're pretty similar. But I enjoy the series. Enough to waste 300 hours of my life anyway.
  7. Kehotik

    I deed eet!

    Mao is in the psp/pc port I think. As well as a couple others from 3. I almost gave up but Bloodhawk was all like you can do it, so I wasted my time to do it.
  8. Kehotik

    I deed eet!

    Btw, the Spellcaster is named after the former board member Genis_Sage and the other caster was named after inhumanrampager's gf lol. I also have a lot of other board members in there too. None really post here anymore though.
  9. Kehotik

    I deed eet!

    Thanks! It is a 15 year old game I think. The newer ones look much nicer. But I understand what you mean. I went to the 5th one yesterday. Blew my mind at the difference in graphics.
  10. Kehotik

    I deed eet!

    I beat Disgaea 2 PC! >_>
  11. I drew this because someone asked me to.
  12. Just gotta level up Marjoly to 9999 ten times and I'm ready to fight the final boss.
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