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  1. Who indeed? but I appreciate your zeal. so you know I am traversing state law to reply to you
  2. I know not what I do. I can write and all that but give me a sickle and hammer and I’m three sheets to the wind 🎃
  3. PoopyBritches


    The mark of the beasht
  4. Don’t quit your day job. I know you must feel empowered to take on ANY establishment like it wasn’t a direct threat to your own well-being. Being a cog ain’t bad. You get kick backs at opportune times and don’t have to report to any gnarly outpost like some sort of … you know, I think the threshold has been reached. If I risk life and limb to achieve some sort of personal goal, it’s only one more step to sainthood or martyrdom. Those are extreme examples. You won’t know til you blow….. personally, I like having skin and not dragging my body on the cement.
  5. And this is a burrito.
  6. Wow what an entry into the unknown.
  7. To me it just tastes like the orange syrupy juice from concentrate that you used to be able to get at grocery stores.
  8. now let me nudge them with my razor sharp snout please
  9. What a delightfully addictive anime. inb4 never was an anime
  10. I think I’ll get into the habit of idc
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