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  1. Here’s one. I need help configuring a mic with windows 11. I recently downloaded a new version of Winamp for pc so I can get EQ functionality and hopefully (driver software?) I am unsure that just plugging in the mic to run it opposed to a codec like Winamp would work to isolate and eliminate open air sound from fans and the rest of the cooling system. Just need to know whether codec will allow fluid transmission of sound from external mic on windows 11.
  2. Viva la relucion!
  3. You refill your whipped cream containers with them!
  4. G-ma’s feet. what is the global socio-economic crisis?
  5. I like Jill Valentine. So not technically a mutual thing since she doesn’t exist. Or does she?
  6. Different? I’m not differed to life. One that I am endeared to is endowed and enabled
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