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  1. Oh man, I loved the live action Cowboy Bebop. It was cheesy in some places but it was also fun and different. I will be forever salty about how fans and Netflix treated it without giving it more of a chance.
  2. I remember hearing about someone who got banned for making an arguably poor taste joke about 9/11 on the day, which honestly would have been funny nowadays.
  3. Ah, I was trying to remember what the other requirement was. I forgot about the minutes logged in part. I remember keeping my computer on overnight just to rank up once or twice.
  4. Not sure if it counts for Williams Street but the Mooninites stunt in Boston where people thought it was a terrorism thing will always be funny to me.
  5. I don't even remember what comes after swimpunk
  6. No one leaves rants unscathed
  7. Do ranks here work the same way they did on the asmb?
  8. All Kanto starters are equally good in my eyes
  9. Around 98k, at least from what I could gauge by the Wayback machine
  10. Half of a 2- day leftover sandwich, which I gave up on finishing
  11. Someday we will make it happen.
  12. Just once. I think the highest any of my alts made was Superstar
  13. Anyone else remember the ASMB Yearbook superlatives? I never got voted for anything, but I remember the drama surrounding some of the nominations.
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