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  1. Anyone else remember the ASMB Yearbook superlatives? I never got voted for anything, but I remember the drama surrounding some of the nominations.
  2. I miss quite a few people but I cannot remember some of their usernames for the life of me and a couple have already been mentioned here anyway. I'll only tag @K_N
  3. I also liked Gina. I enjoyed reading their posts in OA.
  4. Babbling, then quickly moved to IB. During the last few years of the forums, I mainly posted in Other Anime.
  5. Omg yes!! I really enjoyed submitting icons for the [as] anime I really liked haha. I would get low-key annoyed if I saw someone else using the same icon as me because I was the one who put in the work to make it!!! >:[ lmaooo
  6. I remember when I suggested playing Guile's Theme on loop in the bg of IB for a day and a mod made it happen.
  7. I just remembered that I was given back my main account a few years after my ban, when I started posting on my best behavior. My post count was around 98k when the boards were gone for good.
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