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Israel: Another look at certain events in the news.

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At this point I’m just like, fuck it. Why can’t the nations of the world get together at the UN and tell Netanyahu “either you and (whoever is on the Palestinian side) come to a 2 state solution or we’re going to do it for you” They did it when they created Israel. Why can’t they to create a legitimate contiguous nation of Palestine.  Enforce the borders of 1967.  

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Israel always hated Al Jazeera. Idk how much truth they actually report. They reported a couple of stories as fact that later had to be corrected or retracted altogether but it’s definitely not a good look.  Israel’s media is just propaganda basically so despite some mistakes that Al Jazeera has made they still have a right to report the truth as they see it 

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This is why I don’t want to fuckin vote for Biden and I think anyone saying I should because of his jobs record can kiss my fuckin ass  My vote or lack thereof won’t stop him from winning the state  

I know Trump winning won’t be any better but I can’t fuckin vote for Biden until he actually does actions and not just words 


US threatens ICC


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As much as I understand the anger, I’m equally frustrated at how protesters are more focused on canceling than they are in putting out a concise message.  They’re speaking to a divided America, and they’re not reaching the voters who can power change through the election by not presenting a complete vision.  Some are piggybacking unrelated causes, others are pushing vague objectives like divestment (which is a worthy goal that does nothing to alleviate the current crisis).  No one yet has put together a plan forward.

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