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I just bought a box of 60 KN95 masks


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.....I have a 500 CT case...it was 50 bucks back on 2020... 

I think you're being taken, but then again, I've never bought more so maybe they went up. I started using custom masks after a while.

So if you're interested, I have about 400 for $350. That's a deal after what you've paid

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3 hours ago, nameraka said:

Except Chinese food.

The only Chinese restaurant I've ever been to (excluding Panda Express) that was made/run by Caucasians was in the U.P.  Even my little college town was made by a Chinese family...and it was real good food.

Damn, now I want some Sizzling Rice Soup.

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21 hours ago, André Toulon said:

Lmao, St. Joe wants attention but didn't think this through 

Unless you bought them in like February 2020 or something then no, you didn't buy 500 respirators that were being rationed for health workers throughout 2020 for 10x cheaper than they have been since then, unless they're fake shitty ones like a lot of them are, then maybe I guess. 

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