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Gemusetto death beats to end on december 19th


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Well I'm glad we won't have to wait until January to see how this story arc ends. Hopefully they're not doing something like running a DBS marathon until 2am that night. It would be pretty lousy of them to lead into a one hour season finale of Gemusetto with a marathon of reruns for another show. And I don't think they're quite crazy enough to air a rerun marathon of Gemusetto to lead into 4 new segments of it.

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What doesn't make any sense to me is why PRIMAL at 3:30 on December 5th and 12th is apparently not going to be part of Toonami now? Why the hell not!? They already made the bumps! Some refer to the fact that it's a marathon but not ALL of them do!

If that were the case, since PRIMAL ends its current 3:30 run on December 12th, on the 19th we could have Naruto and Demon Slayer to close out the night and keep Toonami 12-4 AM.

Also, interestingly enough, it seems Demon Slayer will actually make it to the same episode it did in 2019!


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11 hours ago, Sketch said:

Gridman gets delayed for two weeks for reruns... ya'll could have just expanded the block.

And as proof they could have expanded... Attack on Titan's final season joins on January 9th and does expand the block.

They could have expanded to 4am on January 2nd in order to air the final segments of Gemusetto and have Shippuden and Demon Slayer air from 3am-4am as they will be doing the following week.

I'm starting to think Gridman might wait until February when SAO ends because they could slide Black Clover back on at 2:30 on January 16th with no muss and no fuss.

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