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  1. Could *Insert shitty show here* be headed to Toonami?

    It should have years ago but I would not say it’s too late to bring it in.
  2. Gundam: The Origin coming to Toonami July 6th

    I meant announcements but I do think they will probably air back to back. SAO might shift up since it will end sooner and it’s better to pair with Attack on Titan. I think HxH will just be replaced by a rerun but if it isn’t then they might do double up Shippuden a week so they can start two shows on July 6th. Making a big change on the 29th and then another on July 6th would be obnoxious though I suppose it’s not improbable.
  3. Gundam: The Origin coming to Toonami July 6th

    When the dub didn’t pop up on CR it did give me the inclination that Toonami would air the TV cut of The Origin. I enjoyed the OVAs that I saw, particularly compared to Unicorn. Two old man anime picks back to back? Probably not a good call but we’ll see how it goes.

    Well I can't speak for anyone else but I have at least two friends I regularly watch anime with. *shrugs*

    If show creators like Genndy Tartakovsky don’t even value Toonami as a platform, it basically loses all purpose aside from airing anime for people who have cable but don’t have decent internet for streaming. The block has plenty of dub premieres but more and more people will watch subs for free if it’s an option. All Toonami has going for it is atmosphere (and not all that many people care about that expect die hards) and the shared experience but the later can be managed by watching shows with friends. They’ll have exclusives every once in a while but those can later be watched outside of the block. Toonami is nice to have around but it’s lost pretty much any purpose at this point.
  6. According to DeMarco, it’s not going to be on Toonami.

    Either that or they will drop 10:30 after MHA season 3 ends. Putting Super at 10:30 would have been much safer but MHA did alright as the lead at 10pm. We’ll see how it goes this time. I’m just happy there isn’t a big shift across the board and HxH and DIU aren’t getting moved again in their final stretches.
  8. Yeah and people say AccelWorld is his GOOD writing
  9. Attack on Titan S3 Part 2 Premieres 5/25

    Rainbow blood splatter? ACCEPTABLE Yeah it does sort of mix the other OPs together.
  10. Given SAO is on its 3rd season, many of the familiar actors have already been in it and Mami Okada casting these for BangZoom has done a good job at not double casting. BZ is trying new people all the time now and also using more people who have done VO before but are barely in dubs. I think that’s great. Dubs are often criticized for using the same actors all the time.
  11. It’s kinda BS but I think Kirito intentionally got stabbed in order to trick the girls. Then again, why even risk that? He should have been able to react after Eugeo got stabbed. Typical poorly thought out SAO writing I suppose. Fanatio’s inferiority complex is pretty terrible. While I like that Kirito can admit he’s lost to swords women before, Fanatio’s whole deal is just frustrating to watch. I don’t think SAO is misogynistic the way some people do but this one character definitely makes a case for the argument.
  12. Ya know Jon Bailey is known for his Peter Cullen impressions so having him as TOM instead of "the big guy" is a bit of a head scratcher. This performance was basically his Honest Trailers voice with some not so great mixing. He was fun though. Also lol at Absolutely Awesomlution. Outlaw Star was in plenty of the clips they used but they didn't talk about it, same goes for Kenshin and Cyborg 009. Not even a mention for Megas XLR or Toonami's first original series IGPX. Also no mention of Zoids which was a mainstay for a while. I can't fathom why they chose to talk about The Batman which didn't air much on Toonami or Ben 10: Alien Force which aired even less. Yet no mention of Batman Beyond and only passing mentions of Teen Titans, Batman: TAS and Superman: TAS. Perhaps the biggest omission is they didn't talk at all about the wraparounds, the music videos, the promos or even the events aside from April Fool 2012. Also they used rock music instead of drum and bass. They really didn't grasp what made Toonami so unique and memorable aside from the shows.
  13. Toonami Ratings Thread 2.0

    Look how badly Gary and His Demons did on SYFY's new AS-type block TZGZ. Gotta wonder how Futurama did before and after it. 139 GARY AND HIS DEMONS SYFY 12:37 AM 15 0.05 103 140 80S: THE DECADE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8:00 PM 60 0.04 174 141 MSNBC LIVE W/ H.JACKSON MSNBC 10:00 AM 60 0.04 862 142 MSNBC LIVE W/ C.MELVIN MSNBC 11:00 AM 60 0.04 725 143 MSNBC LIVE W/VELSHI&RUHLE MSNBC 1:00 PM 60 0.04 809 144 TEXAS FLIP AND MOVE DIY NETWORK 9:00 PM 60 0.04 290 145 GRAHAM NORTON SHOW BBC-AMERICA 11:00 PM 60 0.04 134 146 AARON HERNANDEZ UNCOVERED: 102 PART 2 OXYGEN MEDIA 12:00 AM 120 0.04 140 147 JALEN & JACOBY ESPN2 2:00 PM 60 0.04 91 148 NASCAR M.E. CUP PRAC D FOX SPORTS 1 3:00 PM 60 0.04 232 149 ANDREA MITCHELL REPORTS MSNBC 12:00 PM 60 0.04 758 150 GARY AND HIS DEMONS SYFY 12:52 AM 18 0.04 89
  14. Toonami Ratings Thread 2.0

    So what did Toonami do wrong? They gave it every opportunity to succeed.