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  1. I'm a little surprised they're running a new episode of their big co-production on January 1st. We'll see if that means they're doing full lineup that week or just sticking Black Lotus in front of a marathon or movie.
  2. LASTMAN freak'n rules I'm all for Toonami airing animated series from other countries. LINK CLICK is a banger and I hope FUNimation will dub it.
  3. They can probably marathon MHA, Food Wars or YashaHime but genLOCK is an interesting option. How about a Titan marathon though? They’d have to extend the lineup a lot to fit all 16 episodes in but maybe they could do the last 7 or 8.
  4. AEW airing before Toonami? Now that might be a winner.
  5. I had a feeling but honestly I forgot about Mittypip so it hasn't crossed my mind they could be the same person in quite a while.
  6. Last time I checked, Toonami France is a channel. They have an Adult Swim block on a Toonami channel. What kind of alternate universe are they living in?
  7. That's never gonna happen. Their sole purpose on that board is to rain on any potential parade. But if they some how managed to start the year with six shows in premieres then they might actually compliment Toonami for once before going back to their usual routine of doom posting. My current expectations (which I think are pretty reasonable) are that they will start two shows by January 8th. I have almost zero hope they will run a regular lineup on January 1st unless they double up multiple shows or start a 4th rerun that night (and that means replacing Dr. Stone with another rerun as well). I don't think they'll exceed 3 reruns but they might temporarily have 4 while they wait for Attack on Titan.
  8. Given the length of the time slot, Blade Runner 2049 probably piqued around 0.09 maybe even 0.10 but dropped half those viewers by the end. Kind of wonder if it would have done better on Saturday. I get the feeling the Black Lotus marathon on Friday December 10th will sink to five digits by the end. We'll see how The Hills and the Smiths boost Black Lotus on Saturday but it's still a holiday weekend so we'll see.
  9. I said they have the streaming rights not the TV rights, or so it would seem. They are streaming the HD version with the piss poor cut of Tank.
  10. No we didn't but they are absolutely desperate to get people to watch Black Lotus.
  11. Yeah about that. Based on DeMarco's tweets touting the years that Adult Swim was airing it, it would seem that Bebop being on the AS website doesn't necessarily mean they have the TV rights still. It's apparently a different deal. Granted, he might be misinformed but it wouldn't be the first time they had a show on their website that they seemingly could not air on the block.
  12. Easy money one of those shows is Demon Slayer season 2 and they thought a dub would be ready by now. Beyond that though? Business bullshit rears its ugly head again it would seem. It's reassuring that stuff IS coming because heck if the block doesn't look like its got a foot in the grave. I totally believed they simply ran out of budget or had to conserve some for the start of 2022 but if that isn't the case then maybe Toonami will be able to get back to six premieres once Attack on Titan returns early in 2022. I don't even mind if they drop to 5 premieres and could honestly stomach just 4 if two of the slots rotated shows every 3 months or so but I don't think they have intentions of scaling back that much and this lull isn't a sign that they will be losing time slots in 2022. I would sure appreciate it if they would announce some shows that are coming but I suppose they can't do that until they deal with whatever is holding those shows back. But seriously it would really help morale if they would drop an announcement for an upcoming show tomorrow or Friday, they aren't strangers to making announcements on Facebook on or right after a holiday.
  13. If they’re doing the first obligatory Black Lotus Saturday night marathon on December 4th then what the fuck are they even doing the rest of the month? At this point it had better be movies because three more weeks of rerun marathons would be disgusting. Holy shit Toonami you guys are acting like you want to be canceled.
  14. Nah they’ll double up Shippuden before they triple YashaHime.
  15. And if you're wondering what Adult Swim will be airing before and after Toonami's Blade Runner block on Black Friday... 09:00 PM - King of the Hill 09:30 PM - King of the Hill 10:00 PM - Bob's Burgers 10:30 PM - Bob's Burgers 11:00 PM - Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 11:15 PM - Blade Runner 2049 03:00 AM - Blade Runner: Black Lotus #01 03:30 AM - Blade Runner: Black Lotus #02 04:00 AM - Blade Runner: Black Lotus #03 04:30 AM - King of the Hill Encore 05:00 AM - Bob's Burgers Encore 05:30 AM - Bob's Burgers Encore Because nothing says cyber-punk like the Belchers and the Hills 😆 Yes, Adult Swim got King of the Hill back and it will be replacing both the 9pm and 4am hours of Naruto Shippuden on Saturdays and the 5am hour of Samurai Jack. Toonami's lead-out will be 2 hours of everyone's favorite anime: Kingu o Buzuhiru and the lead in will be Kingu o Buzuhiru followed by 2 hours of Amerika no Otousan. Not a Rikku to Moruti in sight.
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