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  1. 1 minute Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) promo, the art style is definitely better than the first season.
  2. I believe Black Clover is acquired in seasons of 50 or so episodes. 136 is a ways off from 150. They won’t leave those episodes unaired if that is the case.
  3. Holy Calamafark... that special didn’t do well on live TV. It was a great performance IMO. I wonder how well it did on HBO Max, the YouTube video only has about 211,000 views so I guess the TV airing has that beat by at least 90,000. Ass Class held out at 2am but I hope it doesn’t lose steam in November when it moves to 1:30am. And while Eric Andre probably didn’t do DBS any favors, it’s still nice to see JoJo and Ass Class beat DBS reruns with 18-49 and total viewers.
  4. Nah, it shouldn't be behind Demon Slayer reruns. And it's only gonna be on for 7 weeks.
  5. I think Elfie mixed SAO WoU with Fire Force season 2 footage. We haven't seen SAO footage in months. They used FF season 2 footage close to a month ago at this point.
  6. It's just a darn shame they aren't willing to slap DBS on the back or take it off entirely. This is a nicely stacked line-up IMO but it'd be even better if a premiere lead the block. After months of just getting by, it's nice to see Toonami finish strong as we approach 2021. SAO should finish up in time for a relatively timely airing of the next batch of Attack on Titan. Black Clover fans will probably bemoan that the show will return to 2AM (barring something else moving down) once Gemusetto finishes in early January but it's wise of Toonami to give BC a break right now.
  7. Technically it’s still part of the same season of SAO. I think they wisely waited to say anything until they knew for sure they could air those 11 episodes without a hitch. Giving an early premiere date kind of blew up in their faces with FF season 2. No need to repeat that with SAO during these uncertain times.
  8. Well that's kinda shitty honestly. That implies it will even be after Black Clover. So we're probably looking at this in November. 12:00 - Dragon Ball Super 12:30 - Fire Force Season 2 1:00 - Assassination Classroom 1:30 - Black Clover 2:00 - Gemusetto: Death Beats 2:30 - Naruto: Shippuden 3:00 - Demon Slayer Or... Black Clover does go on a break and SAO is ready to air (or something else).
  9. And I’m expecting a new November 7th premiere date for Fire Force season 2 to be announced any day now. But what will the lineup look like with Gemusetto at 1am? Either Fire Force or Assassination Classroom gets 12:30 and the other gets 1:30 I guess. Black Clover either takes a break or moves back to 2am. Is it so much to ask that they let Fire Force or Ass Class lead the block? Or at least give 11:30 back if DBS has to start the block. They’re gonna need another early slot when Attack on Titan or SAO resumes.
  10. That seems to work. I really hope there’s only one marathon in December if there’s one on Halloween (confirmed) and Thanksgiving (likely). There doesn’t need to be one on December 19th.
  11. There’s a Neverland marathon on Halloween.
  12. I said adult audiences, I didn’t say mature. 🙃
  13. Well yeah it doesn’t really fit next to Japanese kids shows like Ass Class, DBS and Black Clover... because it was written for adult audiences. 🤣
  14. Supposedly the second season will be much more of a show than the first season was. And an action adventure show at that. But this is far from the first time Toonami's thrown on a bizarre show. Pop Team Epic and Bo-Bobo for two. From Adult Swim's perspective, a show that's loaded with anime references makes sense for a block that contains many of the shows that are getting referenced. And the general Adult Swim audience probably doesn't appreciate Gamusetto, so they're experimenting with airing it on Toonami. It's a gamble but Adult Swim likes to gamble.
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