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  1. If they expect to get the last part then I don’t think they’ll start Titan over from the beginning. Even doubled up they couldn’t rerun all 87 episodes before February of next year. They could however replay both parts of season 4 if they double it up for at least part of the time between mid August and next February. I do wonder how long their contract for the entire series will last after it ends. Possibly long enough for a rerun of the entire series? That would take two years in a single time slot and is much better suited for a weeknight strip. It would be nice to see those rerun slots go to IGPX and Space Dandy but they could also give Fena and Black Lotus another run or the Fooly Coolys.
  2. Well I'm not surprised. I only had a little bit of hope they would introduce a new show after the marathon week but really had no earthly idea what they could pull in by then.
  3. So it was the normal shows, the question is how did they do? I'm guessing Rick & Morty got less than 0.15 though I couldn't tell you why. If AC was the reason why Primal did so well then at the very least it was evident that AC didn't pair so well with Titan but maybe being the 2nd show on the block was enough to get more people watching the classroom? One night of data won't say one way or another by itself.
  4. Rick & Morty on Saturday was the highest rated rerun for AS that week and 11pm Dad was the 2nd highest. Primal barely missed top 10 but that’s still quite impressive.
  5. As always we appreciate your service.
  6. It’s the first 7 episodes. How very pointless.
  7. So maybe Toonami eventually. That’s what I read from Jason’s response. In short if its an anime series (not film) co-production then WBD is all about putting it on Adult Swim and Toonami but if it’s a western action/drama then off to HBO Max it goes and Primal is the only exception for now. I suppose you could look at it another way. If WBD has to foot the bill for an animated action/drama series then they don’t think it’s worth it if it’s just for Adult Swim and they see HBO Max as the primary platform for that audience. Hence why they’re not sharing Young Justice.
  8. Well that doesn’t bode well for Lupin airing directly after Primal. Probably gonna lose 100,000 viewers from it every week. Nice to see AC finish so high. It came so close to 300,000.
  9. Nah nah nah. Saitama should be played by Moby… or Jim Rash. I joke, they’re both too old.
  10. Ya know unless you count One Piece (which is surely a Toei contract), Netflix hasn't added anything under the Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Aniplex umbrella in a while. I think the last addition was SAO Alicization War of Underworld. I don't think they've picked up anything from Sentai all that recently either. I was thinking like season 1 before it, Demon Slayer season 2 would come to Netflix after CR/FUNi finished streaming the dub but so far that hasn't happened. It could still happen later this year but if it doesn't then I think we can take that as a clear sign that Toonami isn't the only platform that Sony isn't making new deals with. Also the first batch of anime licenses from Aniplex and Crunchyroll on HBO Max expired recently. Seems unlikely they will let the contracts be renewed no matter what HBO Max is willing to pay.
  11. He was gone much too soon. His story is heartbreaking, they didn't find the cancer until he was already in stage 4. I really thought he was going to make it despite how advanced his case became. It's just too much. He was so talented and genuine and kind. Only the good die young. Rest in peace Billy. There was a Cells at Work story like that wasn't there? Man... I have the dubbed version of the opening song from the first season where he and Cherami sing. That song and Billy's voice was more morning wake-up alarm encouraging me every day. This hits as hard or harder than when Kirby Morrow passed away.
  12. They don’t usually (if ever) get the TV rights but Discotek did help Toonami get Lupin Part 4 so maybe they can help them get something else in the future.
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