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  1. Well now I wouldn't say that... Time Program Viewers (000) 18-49 Rating 12:00am My Hero Academia 281 0.15 12:30am Dr Stone 212 0.11 1:00am Food Wars 204 0.09 1:30am The Promised Neverland 171 0.08 2:00am Black Clover 154 0.08 2:30am Naruto Shippuden 146 0.08 3:00am Attack on Titan 129 0.06 3:30am Dragon Ball Super 129 0.06 Source:http://www.ratingsryan.com/2021/06/saturday-june-5-2021-tv-ratings-top-150.html
  2. Looking better. Toonami Faithful posted May 15th today. May 23rd will be posted on Thursday and June 5th hopefully soon. We got the hookup for the two missing weeks.
  3. Getting Yoko Kanno or someone else who can create amazing music was a must, so I'm glad they did the smart thing and got Kanno. Cowboy Bebop with sub-par music simply will not do. I'm starting to wonder about Ed. We have heard nothing about someone being cast as Ed so far. Maybe they aren't even going to include Ed in this version or at least this first season.
  4. I very much doubt it will air in Canada first. It will probably be the same day or a day to a few days after Toonami airs it in the US. If it has to line up with a Japanese broadcast season then it will start in October but if it doesn't have to do that then I'm thinking November.
  5. Thanks to the diligent work of AmbientVirus and WJBraden on Twitter, Toonami Faithful now has a new source for ratings info. As far as I know, the site we'll be getting the data from won't be posting it on their own blog or anything so Toonami Faithful will get this data before Reddit or any other site or forum. They unfortunately cannot get the ratings for May 15th or May 22nd but they have May 29th and should be able to get each week going forward. For May 15th and May 22nd we'll have to hold out hope that showbuzzdaily can post that somewhere eventually. https://toonamifaithful.com/toonami-ratings-for-may-29th-2021/
  6. We're not nearly as powerless as you think. In current times most (legal) viewership is counted in some manner. It's not as cut and dry as "Nielsen or nothing" anymore but a good many slim packages have data collected specifically by Nielsen unless you choose to opt out of data collection. And trending on social media absolutely is a metric that matters. It's how Jason and can show his bosses tangible evidence that a lot of people are engaging in the block every week. If we're all in agreement that cable ratings data has shown a steady decline but can also see that Toonami has been granted funds to produce original content and continue to acquire popular anime, you gotta figure they can see the viewership that isn't apparent in the cable ratings data that is posted publicly. Adult Swim doesn't tend to throw money at sinking ships. So have a little faith that your viewership does matter.
  7. According to Bronx, the networks have cracked down on ratings data so Programming Insider doesn't post Saturday cable ratings anymore. ShowBuzzDaily supposedly still gets the info but they borked their website and haven't been able to post anything for weeks. It might be the end of an era but rather than fret about things all we need to do is watch the block, talk about it on social media (especially when it's airing) and let other people know the block is airing.
  8. It was at the very least a double-edged sword. It got people watching in droves after Toonami had a rough year (2014) but it proceeded to set the ceiling too high for any other show to compete with it. It was like Family Guy or other FOX reruns in that regard. I do think getting Kai in late 2014 to replace Bleach was something of a necessary evil but I kind of wish they never got Kai Final Chapters or Dragon Ball Super. DBZ KFC just felt like schedule filler and airing it back to back with Super was so monotonous in for a year and a half. Super definitely helped keep the lights on, so I can't really begrudge it. I just want them to move on to other things now that it has no fresh episodes to air. Rerunning Super in 2020 was sensible overall because the block was loaded with reruns (maybe MHA reruns could have sufficed instead but I digress). Keeping it as the first show when the block has 6 premieres though? That's squandering the potential of six other shows. They should have let MHA season 5 have midnight from the start but I'm glad they finally are giving this lineup a shot. Hopefully the results are favorable. Up until now Toonami has operated mainly with one flagship series playing every week. It was Bleach, then it was DBZ Kai, then it was DBS. Now the most popular anime in the US aren't airing non-stop in Japan so at the very least Toonami has no choice but to rely on a tag team of series like MHA and Demon Slayer as their headliners along with their original series. They have to trade stability for variety. If they want to renew DBS and rerun it on weeknights to make up for the loss of Family Guy, then I'm all for that. Its a series that works for better on a weekday strip anyway. If it does well at 3:30 and they want to keep it for capping off Toonami every week the way InuYasha once did, then that's fine too. But as long as they have it on hand they'll probably always be tempted to put it in the first slot of Toonami again. So I'd rather they just let the license expire.
  9. It’s nice that they confirmed it. Some people were taking bets on whether or not they had the contract for episodes beyond season 3. FUNimation must be confident that they won’t need a break.
  10. Unless MHA does considerably worse than Super did (and Super outrates a bunch of the premieres despite airing last), they will probably let air the rest of the season at the top of the block. Barring if Fena is able to air before October.
  11. Only if it’s your special edition.
  12. Who cares? “Let the past die, kill it if you have to” There could be another series a few years from now but until then, I say let the rights expire.
  13. Now that’s a lineup! Hopefully it does well and they don’t go crawling back to DBS/DBZ when MHA’s season ends. Also that means no marathon on Memorial Day weekend despite the fact that Rick & Morty has a marathon the day after. So I really hope people do tune in for Toonami that night.
  14. I'm more excited about getting our first Superman solo animated series in around two decades than a new Batman cartoon but hey at this point it's been close to 10 years since Beware the Batman was dead on arrival. I'd sure love to see that Batman series at least encore on Adult Swim (particularly Toonami) if it's going to CN daytime, seems to be going for an older audience than My Adventures with Superman. Most of all I'm excited that WBA is making two action cartoons for Cartoon Network. It's been close to a decade since action animation has been given a good shot on CN daytime.
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