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  1. S&P is handling Food Wars but it is possible that FUNimation edited that episode of Fire Force without Toonami’s knowledge or request. Surely we haven’t forgotten that one time they played an MHA episode that had All Might’s dialogue censored and different than what streamed? Sometimes FUNimation gets overzealous with editing stuff for TV despite Toonami being on Adult Swim now. And other times they just flat send the wrong version of an episode. It is also possible that S&P did the edits as they did with Food Wars and Jason just means the Toonami team did not do the edits. But due to his uninformative answer, we may never know. If the censorship doesn’t persist then it was more likely FUNimation and Adult Swim informed them that such edits aren’t necessary. If it continues to be edited then it either is AS S&P or they requested FUNimation to continue editing Tamaki’s compromising moments.
  2. A rock solid pickup. Hopefully it does well.
  3. TOM interviewing David Tenant would be amazing. I would be amused if they had TOM interview Michael B. Jordan as well.
  4. Despite airing off and on since October 2016. I get the impression that a lot of people were not even aware that JoJo has been on Adult Swim on Saturday nights. Even a brief pop-up on Netflix seems to catch more attention than a lineup promo from Toonami. Though I’m not honestly convinced that each episode of JoJo was watched by even a million unique subscribers on Netflix. If it could manage even 600,000 then it’s doing comparable numbers to Stardust’s better days on Toonami but below the 800,000-1 Million Part 1 was able to get in late 2016. Yes I do believe a show can trend on Netflix without getting even a million subscribers to check it out. I figure most anime on Netflix are lucky to get 300,000 per episode while a select few can get close to double that and most get less than 200,000. That looks pretty good compared to Toonami now but given the amount of subscribers Netflix has it’s a rather small percentage of their total audience. I’m partially basing that theory on how many views popular shows get on certain pirate sites but I’d like to believe the pirate numbers have decreased a bit due to the ease of watching anime legally now. Call me crazy but I’d figure those FLCL sequels did comparable numbers to some of the more lauded Netflix exclusive anime. Maybe not Aggretsuko, Seven Deadly Sins or Devil Man Cry Baby though. Those three definitely caught on with the wider audience. People still don’t know Toonami is on and has been back for over seven years. They should really advertise on YouTube a lot more than they have and advertise on other networks. CR’s free player is loaded with redundant ads, Toonami should advertise on CR for sure. After all, CR advertises during Toonami.
  5. I tend to consider the shift toward long-runners to be caused by several factors. 1) Viz wanted HxH, JoJo and eventually Boruto on TV. Before those came along, Toonami already had DBZ, Naruto, One Piece and had finished Bleach. Fairy Tail was pretty much the only 200+ episode fighting shounen they had ignored. And it basically still is because only part of Gintama and others got dubbed. 2) Constantly picking new shows was becoming problematic so they felt more long series and series with multiple iterations could lighten that load. They likely felt they could never maintain more than 6 premieres at a time unless they got more long runners. 3) DBZ Kai was only ever matched by One-Punch Man so they thought shows cut from the same cloth as DBZ and Naruto would definitely do well and better than the 4) They just plain like DBS, HxH, JoJo, Gundam, Lupin, Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia among others. 5) DBZ Kai was so popular that not airing Super or even the Buu saga of Kai wasn’t even questioned and Toei wanted them on TV. So they didn’t see any issue with airing Buu Kai and Super at the same time. And possibly one of the biggest factors aside from what the distributors wanted was simply this: 6) No matter how many long series and sequel series Toonami was airing, fans kept asking for more of the same. They let that guide their choices more than they probably should have. Because of that, some people genuinely believe Toonami is only for shounen fans now and that it turned its back on seinin fans in 2016. Those folks argue that if Toonami had ignored the demand for every long runner and stuck to a schedule like it had in 2014 and 2015, that Toonami would be doing significantly better now. They feel the decision to keep a largely consistent schedule full of JUMP shounen headlined by DBS, pushed loyal viewers away out of boredom and frustration. They might be at least partially right. Though I don’t think a schedule like the one they had in 2015 would have done better (or worse) than what we had from 2016 till today. Maybe a little if only by the nature of diminishing returns from sequels and continuations. Even DBS has sank considerably from where it started in early 2017 so of course JoJo and HxH would as well. Alas, we will never know for sure.
  6. The time slot does not matter between 10pm and 5am and especially not between midnight and 1am.
  7. Makes me question if they could air InuYasha episodes still without censoring Miroku.
  8. While 1.8 million is astounding for any show even back in 2015, we all know AgK could not have pulled that off if DBZ Kai didn’t break 2 million that night. It held DBZ pretty well throughout its run, that’s about all anyone could ask. One-Punch Man remains the only anime to one-up it’s DBZ lead and it definitely didn’t manage that for fan service. That said, Food Wars is showing nice gains and stable performance despite being a slightly old dub that is streaming on Hulu. That is definitely showing the potential for fan service heavy shows right now. We’ll see if Fire Force manages the same.
  9. Well, at least it’s not ahead of the Toonami airing. But ya know we have all this talk of streaming killing shows for Toonami, yet Food Wars which is all on Hulu is doing pretty well for itself. It’s a bit curious.
  10. It also had those but it definitely had manservice.
  11. Actively avoiding manservice? The man brought in JoJo. 🤨 There’s manservice in Food Wars tonight as well.
  12. I linked to a tweet where FUNi announced that their upload of the dub would resume on Friday. I hear Fire Force was originally intended for Spring so the production of the anime and the dub have episodes in the can already. Same day simuldubs wouldn’t really be possible if FUNi didn’t have a buffer of completed episodes.
  13. Fire Force resumes in this week.
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