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  1. The first episode of God of High School was pretty dope. It left a stronger first impression than Tower of God to be sure (by having a much more visually interesting battle royale). I'm all for Toonami airing it. Unfortunately I don't think the company that charged its own streaming service 425 million dollars to be able to stream Friends is just going to throw Toonami a bone. I don't really know what happened with gen:LOCK but I get the feeling God of High School won't be as affordable. At least not any time soon.
  2. The dub has been added to FUNimation’s site/app, in case anyone wanted to finish it.
  3. Clover Works gave a studio tour during the Aniplex Online Fest which pointed out multiple departments were working from home and other departments were working with around half their staff out of the office.
  4. It’s a solid special. I don’t want to spoil anything but it was interesting and enjoyable.
  5. I asked my friend who speaks Japanese if what was said at the panel did translate to “streaming” and he said it translated to “delivered” as in the dub will begin delivery in August. At any rate, it seems Aniplex intends to dub this season ASAP. As for Jason and Adult Swim/WarnerMedia, some conglomerates are more progressive than others but at the end of the day they don’t want to turn off any consumer or potential consumer. Both Anime Expo and Warner Media would not allow a shirt that says fuck racism to be seen on video message but such a shirt could probably be worn at the office of Adult Swim. I doubt Jason would ever wear that shirt during Toonami Pre-Flight even though they say fuck on those from time to time. You can certainly work for a big conglomerate and still be anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-classism, anti-big merger or even anti-capitalism. You definitely can work for a huge corporation and be anti-Trump or anti-GOP. I’m a conservative person by my values but I think the GOP regularly fucks America over and some very wealthy Democrats do as well so I’m basically anti-rich at this point. Warner is getting just about as bad as Disney with regards to swallowing up the industry and there are ramifications to that, mainly job loss. Is it hypocritical to work for Warner or Disney if you purport to be anti-big conglomerate? I suppose, but you don’t have to like everything your employer does in order to be happy to work there. Especially if your employer isn’t doing anything heinous.
  6. Personally I don't think they should get shows because they're loaded with T&A. But they shouldn't ignore shows that are great just because they are loaded with T&A.
  7. They might wait 6 or so episodes for a good buffer (or however long until a slot opens up this Fall) but they might risk airing it after just 4 episodes so they don’t have to replace PA with another rerun. But if they already had a replacement for PA then they can wait till Mob’s season ends and be 6 episodes behind or wait for the next opening.
  8. I can't verify this because I missed the panel but a handful of people who saw the SAO Alicization panel during Aniplex Online Fest this morning said they heard SAO's dub would return in August. I don't know if that means they'll resume dubbing in August (more likely) or it will air in August. Here's one tweet.
  9. Most of those don't even do well enough to air at 8pm or 5:30am. They've tried Space Ghost, Birdman, Brak, Sealab and Home Movies in those slots and they never managed to survive. The bar is low these days but it apparently still isn't that low. They still have Bob's Burgers until I believe Fall of 2023 but once they lose Family Guy in Fall of 2021 they really ought to give up the 8pm hour to avoid stretching their higher rated programming too thin. Either that or give it to reruns of anime since CN isn't going to make good use of the additional hour anyway. I really hope to see something like this in Fall of 2021 08:00 - My Hero Academia 08:30 - Dragon Ball Super / Z Kai / Various short anime 09:00 - American Dad Hour 10:00 - Bob's Burgers Hour 11:00 - Rick & Morty Hour 12:00 - Various Originals 12:15 - Various Originals 12:30 - Various Originals 12:45 - Various Originals 01:00 - Various Half Hour Originals 01:30 - Venture Bros. 02:00 - American Dad Hour 03:00 - Rick & Morty Hour 04:00 - DVR Theater Hour 05:00 - Bob's Burgers Hour
  10. It had something for everyone. Anyhoo, 2 episodes are dubbed already. That's a good sign that FUNimation will prioritize Fire Force and be able to dub one episode a week. It is very likely they get materials for dubbing early due to co-producing Fire Force. It remains to be seen if they can manage to dub one episode a week for the entire season but this still bodes well for a potential Toonami broadcast in early to mid August.
  11. On one hand it didn't really hurt MHA much if at all but on the other hand... it was total bullshit.
  12. I figured this wasn't airing in Japan until 2021 but at least it's January. I'm looking forward to it.
  13. I feel they should give up the 8pm hour but the reality is prime time is valuable ad-space for adult targeted ads and its not as useful for ads targeting kids.
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